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Good morning everyone, and Happy Easter to those celebrating today! <3

I am starting another fun Raffle, the Easter Egg Clue Hunt! It's not about finding colorful eggs on RPR, however, but about each sharing from your past Epic Week experiences the most useful tidbits, and preferably advice I wouldn't be able to easily find in the Primer. It's going to be my first Epic Week, you see, and I am very excited about it!!!

The rules of the Raffle:

1. Post your tidbit of useful advice here between 9am EST today and 9 am EST tomorrow. Writers only, 1 post per writer.
2. The prizes are 1 Wand of Epicness, 1 Dragon's Tooth, 1 Oil of Epicness, 1 Enchanted Silk Cloak, and 1 Yellow Rose, but all wrapped up in pretty green paper and displayed on my profile, so that the Raffle would be a double random.
3. The same person cannot win twice.


It is my hope that the advice posted here will be useful for all of us for the upcoming Epic Week! <3

Have fun!

EDIT: For those of you who haven't been in any Epic Week experiences, like me, you can still participate and post something useful you found by exploring RPR in preparation for Epic Week!

Participants (so far):

1. Claine
2. Tusitala2017
3. Hadeslicious
4. SINDragon
5. Mercyinreach
6. Gamers
7. Demilicious
8. Orrik_Zynn_x2
9. Leighton
10. TheNightmareSavage
11. Dndmama
12. RimCaster
13. LightSide-Lucree
14. tisonlychaos
You should absolutely participate in the chats. Epic Week is not a one-player game. You really need to participate and coordinate with other players!

Don't fight enemies solo! They heal quickly so if you don't work with other players all the weapons you have damaged in your one-man-campaign will be for nothing!
join the Epic Armoury Group so you can give as well as grab weapons/ammunition that you will need to fight enemies with

TIP! Be sure to ask for permissions to the Treasury before Epic Week starts so you don't experience delays mid game

Alert! Joining the group isn't enough to give and take the items from the treasury

Note: You can also give weapons to or receive them from your friends directly without having to use the armoury to swap. Just send it like any other item

In the Epic Armory group...

Suggestion Read the Warrior guide . It explains all about the weapons you can use to fight foes and all about the enemies you are likely to fight against etc...

The section called "Past adventures" has info about previous epic weeks.

I must agree with Claine that you can't fight enemies alone, you need to chat with others to coordinate attacks. Normally specific forums are created for this

Look at the videos for clues about the riddles which help win the challenge, even if you don't understand the meaning of something you found.... Share it in the forums

TIP don't be afraid to post what you think might be the answer to any of the riddles, even if you're wrong... No harm done. Many eyes see better than one, what called your attention might inspire another to the right solution

Alert: When you play the Doughbutt game you don't keep the weapons you win, they drop randomly to other players online, likewise their winned weapons might suddenly drop on your account. Keep playing it for the team!
My best advice is to pay attention to the little details that pop up in the videos that are posted! They usually contain vital clues to some of the riddles.
Also, Kim posted an announcement awhile back with a number of different folklore books where she's getting the riddles from this year for puzzles. This can give an idea of what to anticipate or what folktales to think about if you're someone who loves those too.

Join the RPR Treasury because that group will help you to also collect needed items for fighting enemies. :)
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Don't stretch yourself thin and take breaks when needed :)
And remember, wikipedia is your best friend lmao.

Actually though, even if you or others think someone's suggestion doesn't quite fit with what everyone else has, submit it anyway. Not gonna lie, I've had a moment where I said an idea and people dismissed it with it later being true. I've been part of the dismissal for an answer before as well. So basically, moral is, spam it with everything.

Edit: I went back and grabbed ya the link to the old forum for last year's EW in the hopes that it can help prepare you in some way!
My dumb butt pressed reply instead of edit whoops
My advice would be join the Epic Armory if you haven't! Last year was my first epic week and I only figured out the armory half way through but weapons and finding people to battle the monster's with was so much easier afterwards. :)

This is a wonderful raffle, thank you for hosting it and I hope you enjoy your first epic week! If you ever need someone to fight monsters with ya, I'm here!
I always describe Epic Week as a site-wife holiday. It is a festival and should be treated as such! For the best experience, especially if you’re new to it, try your hand at a few things and explore what it has to offer. You’ll be happy you did!

Also, epic week goes by quick. There’s nothing to lose by missing a day or two (well, there is but it’s not too bad). So make sure you try to stop by when you can. There’s a ton to do, and more every year.
I'm excited to kill things with you. ;) <3

As for advice, who can forgot to try to remember to fish or look up at the floating fortress that is Forohfor? Anyone can do this every 30 minutes. Forohfor can supply weapons, or party hats of healing. Even if you don't fight, you can donate them to armory to help the people who do! Fishing can, well, give you fish or medicinal herbs (sometimes random items such as weapons too). People can use those fished up fishies and herbs to craft up potions to help with the fight as well.

Epic Week is a fabulous and extremely interactive event in a variety of ways. We will have amazing fun, no doubt!
Aah! Epic week is so close its making me shiver with the need to stab virtual baddies...I got way too pumped last year lol, basically every post I made was in all caps...pretty sure I forgot caps-lock even existed!

My advice, im pretty sure someone told me this last year but I cant really remember so somebody please correct me if im wrong. The more items you have the less you'll recieve, so like, if you have a super crowded inventory you are less likely to receive weapons and other supplies and random drops will happen less often for you~
As someone who only actively participated in Epic Week once until now, this thread already contains advice I didn't know myself, so thank you very much for posting this as well as for the very sweet and generous idea of this :D

To try and throw in something useful on my account, I can only say that there is a even lot more to Epic Week than teaming up to defend the site in this very charming game. For example there are marvellous creative contests hosted in the forums, as I remember for example the one where everyone can enter character design drawings for the official RPR genre mascots which are used around the site and change every year for that reason I think. I also remember a baking recipe one and also some based on writing of course.

So while the actual game where you solve riddles, collect items and fight against enemies is totally a really fun adventure and so worth the time spent on it for getting to know new friends and just having a good time, it's definitely not the only thing that's a complete joy during Epic Week :)
Always share tips and knowledge in the riddles. Also, if you don't know anything about it, see if any of your friends know about it.
My favorite part of epic week last year was the castle in the sky game! And battling the baddies! Stock up on items and don't miss out on the contests. I may actually enter one this year!
I will admit that I wasn't in any Epic Week event yet but I think I can give good advice when it comes to writing.

If you want to write/create something you didn't before but you have some worries that it won't work.
Well do it! Even if it won't be the masterpiece, it would be valuable experience which would help you grow as a writer.
To expand on the mention of contests, RPR's Epic Week has a lot of them going on behind the main plot! If you're not up for joining everyone in killing baddies, the contests are the next best thing!

At least one contest is different every year, but the main ones available for each Epic Week (off the top of my head, anyway) are the Share the Love Contest, the Epic Week Dice Tombola, the Cooking Contest and the Genre Jumble Art Contest! Each grand prize is a real life RPR goodie bag sent straight to your door!

The Cooking Contest involves baking or cooking something based on either the RPR itself, Fantasy, Science Fiction, or any other nerdy or roleplay-based pursuit! You can post a picture of the finished product, the recipe you used, or both! But the recipe and food photos have to be made by your hands.

Cooking not your forte? Try out the Genre Jumble Art Contest! It's exactly what it says on the tin: draw a character from a different roleplay genre in your own style! If you win, your character gets featured alongside many others on RPR's front page and various places around the site! In fact, I plan to join this one in particular (and maybe the cooking contest too), so I hope to see some new faces!

If you're no artist either, then the Share the Love Contest might be up your alley. All you have to do is share a link to RPR on other social media sites! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it! Link your entries back to the contest thread, and you get multiple entries tossed into a raffle depending on how many sites you post to. (Just make sure not to spam: only once per site is enough.)

Not interested in any of the above? Then the Epic Week Dice Tombola is your best bet! All you have to do is roll a 100 sided dice. That's it! If you get the number Kim rolled for the day, you win! It's all a matter of luck.
i'm super excited that you get to see your first epic week! i've only experienced one so far, but I really loved it. ^_^

Doubling down on the research and communication ideas, I had a lot of issues last year figuring stuff and getting stuff done because I didn't understand the past Epic Weeks and all the background info. Also, I didn't really know anyone at the time because I was relatively still very new to the site (you have a bit of an upper hand there ;)) so definitely talk with folks!

Another thing, I think it's good advice to just explore everything Epic Week has to offer. Even if you don't get a riddle (or don't feel like participating in them) still check 'em out. Same thing goes with contests!

It is really fun, and I hope you really enjoy it. ^_^ <3
Good morning folks!

Thank you so much everyone who posted, and especially for those tidbits I had not yet heard about!!! <3

Now, the drawing by dice roll! I rolled 5 times 1d20, if the result is 15-20 that would mean a re-roll. Also, if a same person gets picked twice, also a re-roll!

rolled 1d20 and got 8

rolled 1d20 and got a natural 19. After the modifier of +2, got 21

rolled 1d20 and got 17

rolled 1d20 and got 9

rolled 1d20 and got 18

Hahaha, it shows I am new at this:

2 winners so far, 8. Orrik_Zynn_x2 and 9. Leighton, and three re-rolls!

rolled 1d20 and got 14

rolled 1d20 and got 7

rolled 1d20 and got 6

And we have our winners:

8. Orrik_Zynn_x2
9. Leighton
7. Demilicious
6. Gamers
14. tisonlychaos

I will be sending you lovely people a green box each, and good luck with what's inside! <3

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