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Hey I’m new to this and I love to role play 24/7 depending my time. Also I’m a Mexican girl that’s been roleplaying for more than 5years (I think 5 years or more. I’m 16 so oof).

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Hi! Welcome to RPR, hope you have fun here!
Welcome to RPR! I suggest you go over to Find RP for an easy way to find roleplays that you like. I'm sure you'll get the hang of this place rather quickly :). In the meantime, you could head over to the Small Talk forums to talk to other people and possibly make new friends.

Have fun!

Hey! Welcome to RPR! I hope you have fun here! Be careful about the whole 'roleplaying 18+' thing because being a minor advertising for things like smut here can get you into trouble I'm p sure.
Heya welcome to RPR! <3 I'm positive you'll quickly find lots of great games and fantastic new friends. The RPR community is very active and kind, so don't be afraid to ask questions or talk to people. Happy gaming! <3

P.S. Make sure to check out the Smalltalk Forum where, because of the fundraising event, there are lots of raffles for run prizes going on! Wouldn't want you to miss out ;)

Hello and welcome to RPRepository.
Hullo, Applejam! o/

Apple jelly is delicious.. mm..
Great, now I'm hungry.

Welcome to RPR, enjoy your stay! :)
Welcome to RPR!

Hey Applejam and warmest welcomes to the RPR!

I wish you the best in all your roleplay adventures to come. Also, complete side note, but your username is the cutest!
Sanne Moderator

Welcome to the RPR! :D It's good to have you with us, how did you find the RPR?

Hey! Glad to see this place grow with yet another fantastic member, YOU! Don't forget to head over to the Find RP section if you are bored and have time on your hands! Perhaps try and make friends? Oh, and silly me, I haven't even said Welcome to RPR yet! Well I mean, now I have. WELCOME TO RPR! XD

Hello and welcome <33


Welcome to RPR, and I hope you enjoy your stay here. <3 You'll really like it! I'm Candy, by the way. ^^
You just landed on RPR.. Dust yourself off! Welcome!

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