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As a new member, I've been searching through every single forum to get a better understanding of this site, and what it has to offer. One of the things I've already come to really enjoy are the forum games. I've taken a lot of inspiration from other topics for this particular post, and I'm not sure if this one has been done before, but it's very similar to the romance or pass game, as well as the friend, date or pass game.

The rules are very simple, just state whether your character would either snog, marry or avoid the character above. This was based on a game that was very common when I was a kid, that girls would play during sleepovers. Anyway, I'll use one of my characters to get this started, I hope people engage in this forum and have fun.
Petra Maroun (played by Grim-Blue) Topic Starter

"So, snog, marry or avoid?"

"I'd certainly spend a long time snogging you, sweetheart. What man would be able to resist?"
Meredith (played anonymously)


“Right then, you’re handsome, yeah? And I’m not hideous. So let’s have a go and not get tied down with any labels.”
Devin (played anonymously)


"You may be a bit strange, but so am I. This could dead to some very fun times, don't you agree?"
Oren (played anonymously)


"Well, why not? You seem put together enough and I'm weird enough to just go for it. Wait, does this mean I just proposed to you?....I was hoping it'd happen the other way around. Ah well, can't have everything in life. Strangers can get married, right? No courtship needed?" Oren rambled on softly before taking a drink from the glass of whiskey that was in hand.
Jess (played by Taz)

snog, avoid

she looked at him chuckling " well, to me you look a bit old fashioned so i may want to avoid you but on the other hand i may just snog you just to see how you feel." she giggled looking him over while she put her hands into her jeans
Snowy Winter (played by RachKirk)

I would Snog everyone hehe <3 mew
Eros (played anonymously)


"Its not you. Its simply for the best."
Taz (played by Taz)


"i wouldn't really like you much so, bye" she says with a cocky attitude while walking away from him
Nancy (played anonymously)


Nancy didn't even bother looking at Taz because, well, they were avoiding her, and kept on walking away.
Sibella Hale (played by Grim-Blue) Topic Starter


"You seem like a rather nice person, but I'm certainly not looking to get married anytime soon. So I'll just stick with a quick snog."
Xepil (played by MordosKull)


"Too pretty, grrrr, hurts my eyes."
Tristan Humphries (played anonymously)


"A goblin? Really? No way I'm snogging or marrying a goblin. Plus you're a dude so that helps with my decision."
Rochelle Romaine (played by Mintelle)


She pauses for a moment, a bright red blush spreading across her cheeks before she raises her hand, slowly making various gestures and shapes, communicating to him via sign language to say:

"I'd say marry, but you're not really looking for a commitment right now, so to keep you happy I'd say snog."
Shamshir (played anonymously)

"By the Goddess! I cannot possibly do something so crude as to snog! And marry and avoid seems very reckless! Is there not perchance a fourth option? ... Kiss the back of thine hand mayhap?"
Wilhelmina (played anonymously)

Mina gave a wink to Shamshir and puckered her lips towards him, making loud kissing noises for a good while before falling into a fit of laughter.
Princess Cherry Blos (played by RachKirk)


She gives a smiles and curtsy. "I am already married, but some fun be nice."
Stefan Maroun (played by Grim-Blue) Topic Starter


"Just purely based on the fact I have no access to your profile, so therefore cannot make an informed decision."
Min-ji (played anonymously)


"Well, a kiss on the cheek wouldn't hurt if that means we could be friends, right? A kiss on the cheek does count as a snog, yes? I hope so because the other options seem far too drastic."

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