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Evan Storm (played anonymously)

"Uh... I do my best to avoid creatures like you."
Reita (played by Darkstitchblade)

"... I don't see us getting along in any sort of romantic way. So I in this situation, I will avoid you." Reita tilts her head to the side a bit as her eyes narrowed ever so slightly.
Xochi (played anonymously)

“A quick snog, then spooning, then nap time, hmm.”
Rena Williams (played anonymously)

"Maybe a quick snog won't hurt. They did say that I am a good kisser after all." <3
Lunara (played anonymously)

“Avoid. Tempting, but I don’t think you could handle me, human.”
"Eh, a quick beso never hurt anyone. Snog."
Stray Dog (played anonymously)

“No besos para mi, por favor.” Overall, Stray Dog had a very strange accent, making it hard to tell if Spanish was his first language or not. Then again, being a gnome, any human language being his first language was unlikely.

“I’ll have to pass, amigo.” He grinned.
My eyes widened as they beheld the creature in front of me. "Um-" I stalled. "Sorry. But I think I would have to avoid you." I paused, doing my best to be nice about it. "You are...a dog?" I finished with a question. "I don't want to kill you definitely. And snogging is a bit much. I think we would do best staying out of each others lives." I finished with a glowing grin.
Jacques (played by Juls)

"A beautiful soul such as yourself deserves a respectable match and marriage, fair Lilith. When I return from this venture, if you agree, we could be wed."
Lucas Addams (played anonymously)

"No offense pal, but I'm gonna have to avoid purely on the basis of heterosexuality."
Anette (played anonymously)

"A quick kiss seems acceptable enough, I think?"
Sarissa Bluefeather (played anonymously)

“S-Snog?” Sarissa stutters in embarrassment, she’s not good at expressing her desires.
Chris Hopkins (played by Lanx12)

“Well if ya dont mind a little snog here we can enjoy a drink as well.” He said smiling.
“Avoid. A gentleman trying to be intimate with a woman he had never met is boorish.”
Nyrk Naqer (played by AlexSilverX)

"Avoid." The alien stated after a moment of pondering. "...she stated a distaste for men who try to be intimate with women they have not met before, and consent is generally a factor in my decision making."
Kyle Cestis (played by Lanx12)

"Geeze Chris I feel so bad for ya man... Sorry mate but Avoid."
Tiffany Kraft (played anonymously)

"I should really avoid you as I'm technically still married, but I can't resist snogging a Jedi!"
Dale Lekke (played by Lanx12)

Sorry...I'm a man of honor...A married woman is not my cup of tea...But I need to Avoid you.
Miryu Sasayaku (played anonymously)

"Hmmm... I would like to get to know you first, and if we end up getting along, I might just give you a proper snog." Miryu blushes slightly.

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