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I cannot stress just how badly I’d like to avoid you!
Hachi Aikawa (played by Lithe)

“Hmmmmmmmm.....” he squinted his eyes, studying her closely. He looked ridiculous. “Ok! You seem like a good friend. But for the sake of this game or whatever, I’ll say marry, as long as you can make good food! Or I can make it...maybe. I’m rambling now aren’t I?” He shut up, a sheepish grin on his face.
Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

"Mhhhh~ " Elaine rubbed her chin as she watched the fluffy ball of cuteness in front of her, looking at him in every possible angle as if she considered her options. "Snog~ Marry or reject~ Mhhhh" Elaine muttered as none of those options seemed to convince her. "No way I'm rejecting~ He's too cute and adorable...but marry? He looks so young! I don't wanna go to jail...again, snog would get me on trouble too~ Mhh Oh I know!!!"

"Bounty Time!" Elaine said confident as she picked the lovely kitsune above her head, taking him away. "Haha! Now that I placed a bounty on you for being so adorable I can legally capture you without fear of persecution. It might take me years to turn you in but we can use that time to know each other better don't you agree? Who knows maybe we will end up Married!" Elaine grinned at the legal loophole of her pseudo logic.
Flandre Scarlet (played anonymously)

“What a pretty doll you are. I’d like to marry you.”
Hisao Saito (played by Lithe)

“Well sure, I’d marry ‘ya, if we could get into a little...trouble.” He smiled a devilish yet friendly grin
Altaira Cholena (played by RedPandaF0x)

"You seem enticing enough....I'll marry you, but you'd have to be interested back." She would smile shyly.
"I'd be interested," Valencea pipes up. "We could totally get married. I'd snog you if you wanted, though." She teases. :P
Sol (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)

Avoid, as...

"I'm not into you. There's too much of a difference between us."
Jamie Red (played anonymously)

"Except for a photo from afar, I think I would avoid you." Ajmie said as he took a few shots befor stepping back.
Emmet Osbourne (played by ELS1526)

"Snog! Snog and pleeease may I see about job opportunities?" Emmet was overflowing with excitement.
Goro Kumizaki (played by Lithe)


“You seem like a cutie, and I wouldn’t mind taking a bite of you.” He smirked.
Chess (played by RedPandaF0x)

"You seem dangerous enough for my daily dose of excitement." They would smile, flirty.
"Hmm..." Rinoa stands in her signature pose of request. "I don't see why a snong wouldn't hurt."
Korra (played by MordosKull)

"I just can't say no to classy ladies like you. Sign me up for a snog!"
Ayslinne (played by 0089)

"Ara~Ara~ I think you could use a water bending lesson~♡" Ayslinne smirked deviously.

Jacques (played by Juls)

"I would not touch such a creature!"

Chiyoko Hasegawa (played by Lithe)

“Oh, you seem to be a magnificent man! I love nature as well, so you would definitely suit my tastes.”

Umar Abbzan (played by Pantrane)

“Habibti, so you are married now?” He smirks and starts to dance. “So we shall snog in the shadows... Smoochy, smoochy.”
Kwan Jin (played by ELS1526)

"You seem to be a nice person." Kaido shook his head lightly. "As you may not be my type but are nice to gaze at, I'd settle for a quick snog."
Cid Myers (played by Lanx12)

"Sorry man. Gonna have to avoid. Just not my thing. " He said looking away as he spun a wrench on his finger. "But if ya need your ride fixed bring it to Myers garage."

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