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Cayden Jadrek (played by AmberShades)

"Oh- uhm-" Cayden blinked, looking the stranger up and down before meeting her eyes with an awkward smile. "Well, I suppose I would marry you, of all of the choices. You don't seem too terrible."
Serenity smiled mischievously as she eyes the man her Raven hair falls over her eyes... " your cute but unfortunately not my type" she purrs as she walks around him reaching in to pick pocket his wallet " so I'll have to avoid ya sweetie" she smiles as she hands the wallet back to the boy after successfuly retrieveing the wallet. " Always watch your surroundings" she smiles as she walks away
Pint (played by MordosKull)


“Bloody pick pockets! Get yer own sodding gold!”
Lief Thous (played by AmberShades)

"I have to admit," Lief smirked with a tilt of his head, "I would snog you, only if you changed your ideas about thieving."
Euvlimenei (played anonymously)

"Certainly, I wouldn't marry you. Avoiding you seems a touch extreme. I suppose it's just a snog then, isn't it?"
“Avoid. I try to not make it a habit of snogging anyone, especially not things from the ocean...”
Rhoadie Engstörm (played by dssieri)

"Avoid. Magic isn't really my forte, nor do I really understand it."
Jip (played by Juls)


"Really? But you seem so ... magical!" the gnome exclaimed.
Taluna (played anonymously)



"U-Um... I didn't want t-to avoid you, and I'm n-not ready to marry... ehehe, I-I hope you d-don't mind a kiss."
Mable Stokes (played by Zapsalis)

“I wouldn’t snog or marry so I’m going to have to avoid, sorry.”
Kwan Jin (played by ELS1526)

"Maybe a quick snog. No further."
Jade Adams (played by Rachel2876)

"Probably just a quick snog."
Ruiz Mazandarani (played anonymously)

"You are definitely snoggable!"
Mable Stokes (played by Zapsalis)

"I'd be fine with a snog."
Miaha (played by MordosKull)


“It’s been a while since I had human, ze.”
Faelynn Kuromiya (played by Mintelle)


"It's nothing against you personally hun, I'm just not attracted to women, so I wouldn't snog or marry you."
John Atkins (played by Zapsalis)


"I wouldn't mind a snog."
Charlotte Walker (played anonymously)

"Mmm... you are very snoggable!"
Noble Six (played by shadeslayer45)

avoid im not a peoples person as for why well thats classified

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