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Florence Elizabeth (played by AmberShades)

Florence narrowed her eyes, raising a brow. "A mechanic, are you? Well, I doubt we would fit well together, but a marriage can always be changed." With a small smile, she nodded and continued to draw on her wrist with a small black pen.

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Sabrina looks up at Florence. "See, I'd rather just avoid you altogether, but I don't think being friends would be horrible..."
Kotal Kahn (played by MordosKull)

“Let us be honest. We have nothing to talk about.”
Reverence Edoan (played anonymously)

"Bring me blood, bring me war.... and I will follow you to the end of the world."
Marcus DeSanta (played by Lanx12)

“Sorry lady I Uh...well sorry but I rather avoid you with your Uh...yeah...getting awkward here.”

Quickly Marcus ran back into his kitchen to cook and just try to avoid the whole thing all together
Chiyoko Hasegawa (played by Lithe)

Chiyoko snickered a little at the sight of the boy quite literally running from the awkward situation, shaking her head.

“Well, wasn’t that cute. I’ll marry you, your an adorable cutie and a good cook, so why not?” She shrugged, smiling.
Archer VanCliff (played by Lanx12)

“Well since you seem to be a cutie I wouldn’t mind it if we got hitched. So how about it babe let’s run off and get married?” He winked playfully
Fran (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)


The Viera just stands by herself, eyeing down the man, not speaking a word...because. Well, she doesn't care to. She didn't seem interested in this man...
Maiev Shadowsong (played by MordosKull)


“You remind me of my Naisha... Perhaps a marriage will finally fill the void in my heart.”
Hisao Saito (played by Lithe)


“Well, seeing as you have fallen for Fran here, it’d be completely disrespectful for me to say marry or snog, so I suppose I must avoid.”
Madeline (played by Juls)

Are... are you a ghost?!

Rex Wright (played by Lanx12)

"Not so much the marrying type but a little Snogging would be nice."
Korra (played by MordosKull)

"Avoid. Nothing personal, I'm just all burnt out on men."
Enrico Pucchi (played by turntechGodhead)


"I don't dislike you , I just think that you're best suited off for someone else that isn't me."
Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

"I think we should know each other first before even thinking about marriage."

*tenses a piece of rope*

"LET'S SNOG~♡!" She spoke merrily with a smile as she readied her tent, the woman preparing to set camp and clearly not planning anything. *wink ~ wink*
Maeve Penumbra (played by koobler)

The maid stood there, motionless. Clearly this was a woman off her rocker, perhaps under the influence of some substance or otherwise. It didn't matter the reason. It was some she had always been taught to avoid.

"How obscene..."
Nico Watson (played by JoJoApples)


"I mean-you are a pretty lady. I would kiss you on the cheek if you wanted. Of course uh...if you dont want to thats perfectly fine! Sorry!"
Avoid comepletly

you seem a bit to much for me I'm sorry kiddo

“I don’t think we’re compatible for each other anyway.”
Rebecca Savage (played anonymously)

“I suppose if I was wasted enough I’d snog you, but it’s probably best for the both of us if I Avoid you.”

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