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Moterda Olisya (played by Serene)

I don't see anyone noble enough for the other two options ~
Enio (played anonymously)

"Pucker up, toots. Let's snog!"
Nazli (played anonymously)

"If it were possible, I'd marry you, as it is not, a snog will have to do."
Adyr (played by Pantrane)

"I'm always up for a good time... Snog, shall we?" His angular features twist into a smile. "I mean, not to be so crass.. M'lady."
Etharine (played anonymously)

"Would you be married to me? I'm more of the mind of having a snog with you."
Emmet Osbourne (played by ELS1526)

Emmet thought for a moment, looking at the woman. "I'd say a light snog. Don't want to be rude and turn someone down", he said with a shrug, not caring about the nudity he saw.
Wilhelmina (played by MissPixie)

"Snogga-logga-ding-dong. Pucker up, sugar," Mina said with a wink.
Devin (played by Kruhee)

"Snoggy-Doggy-Dang-Doodle! Come're ya rabbity little thing." Devin says with a wide grin.
Leticia (played by MissPixie)

"I suppose I would snog you if I get something else out of the deal. Would you be willing to do that? It's just a kiss," Leticia said with a wicked grin.
Servius (played by Kruhee)

"EW, NO, GROSS You're my sister... well, I guess a kiss on the cheek cause I'm not going to avoid you and marriage is off the table. How about it sis? Here come the fish lips!" Servius says with a laugh, licking his lips to make the peck on the cheek extra gross.
Charlotte giggled at the exchange, “such a brotherly thing to do and I don’t even have siblings!” Her happy expression then turns into a deadpan stare, “that was pretty disgusting so I am going to choose to avoid.”
Enall Tislith (played by Pantrane)

“Quick! This way.. King Haar is looking for you with snog on his mind..” His breathing is rapid, having ran a long way on word of an approaching convoy. “If we get married he has no claim.... To the altar.”
Nancy (played anonymously)

“You’ve got pretty eyes. Snog.”
Emmet Osbourne (played by ELS1526)

Emmet looked at the person in front of him. "I'd settle for a quick snog. Maybe we could have tea and sweets together sometime?" He asked.
Harlowe (played by MissPixie)

"Well, sugar, why don't we go get us some drinks and then maybe a small snog if you're up for it?"
Miaha (played by MordosKull)

"I'll snog ya, but can you give me some free heals while we're at it? Thanks, ze."
“Hiya... How are ya?” The verdant goblin twisted one foot in front of the other and shifted the weight of his thin frame. “Marriage? I would but I feel like it’s not your thing. So let’s be snoggin’ buddies long term.”
Euvlimenei (played anonymously)

"I'm going to avoid because I won't marry you....and snogging with leggers are weird. Sorry! Learn to breathe in the sea and maybe we can talk."
Taniks (played anonymously)

“Open wide those luscious lips, my dear. I like to use tongue. Bleeeeeghpttttttt.
Enio (played anonymously)

“Oh yeah! I’d bleeeeeghpttttttt ya!!”

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