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Jadis (played by Juls)

"Husbands are so hard to keep. It has been years since I've had a new one."


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Koji Okimoto (played by Lithe)

“Well, surely physical appearance doesn’t matter, as I like to tell myself. Sure, you seem to be a cool person, why not? I certainly have no reason to avoid, but I don’t wanna snog a complete stranger.”

Syn (played by JetStorm)

"...Snog" he said
"Hmmm..." She studdies him curiosly for a minute before nodding, as if she were confirming something with herself. "You see like an... Interesting person. I don't know about snogging right away but... Yeah sure I would definitely like to have you as a partner!"

Captain Vann (played by Pantrane)

“I’m always lost in the stars. Marriage would be great but... For now, a snog.”
"Avoid...but if you ever need me for some dirty work, give me a call."
Bryce Geoffrey (played anonymously)

"'Snog' for sureeee."
Goro Kumizaki (played by Lithe)

“Even as a guy, I’d say snog. I’m up for it if you are bud.” He winked, a soft, friendly yet daring smile on his lips.
her eyes focused on the man before her. "My oh my...What a beautiful work of art....Mmmm I'd snog you, My dear...You look rather....Interesting." She grinned with a slight purr.
Rhys Celestia (played by AmberShades)

"Well, I'm not sure about a 'snog', but marriage might not seem.. as terrible." The sorcerer nodded, narrowing his eyes slightly to observe the woman.
Brink Akanah (played by BreezyDawn)

I wouldn’t marry someone I don’t know, and I’d have to be drunk to snog someone I don’t know, which doesn’t happen much. So avoid it will have to be. No offense.
Pint (played by MordosKull)

"I'll marry ye if it means ye got me back with that bow o' yers."
Atlas Quinn (played by Mipps)

"Maybe a snog just to see if it squirms."
Elfé (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)

"Avoid...You don't strike me as the type of person I may enjoy anyway..."
Koji Okimoto (played by Lithe)

“Marry. You seem to be a magnificent person, not to mention your striking looks. I hope to be up to par for you.” He said this quickly and wholeheartedly, his decision quick and final.
Cora (played by Dib2435)

Perdón pero * Sorry but * I have to reject , don't get me wrong you do seem like a nice guy , but I am already dating someone
Kwan Jin (played by ELS1526)

"Reject for me then, as well."
Chiyoko Hasegawa (played by Lithe)

“Marry, hands down. He’s cute, and I do love the fact that he has a shell I have to break into, I take it as a challenge.” She said, with a daring grin.
Red Foxe (played by RedPandaF0x)

"She seems interesting enough and I'd love to get to know her. Also, she's pretty cute" She says with a sly grin.
John Robert Marron (played by Juls)

"I like playin' with fire too..."


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