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She's a baby norwegian forest cat with a big personality... I can't keep calling her Little Money forever.


Whoa! She's beautiful! <3

I would say Frigg, she looks like a Queen.
I say Freya after the goddess of love, because how can you not love her? xD
Looks like a Matilda to me. <3
Sounds like you got a "Sassy" pants on your hand. ;)
She looks like a Lady to me. She is very pretty.
Juls read my mind! My first thought was Matilda, too.
Jeff :3
Super adorable!!! <3

She's all fluff and faaaaangs! XD
My vote is to name her Pancake.... Everyone loves Pancakes.
I'm back to suggest Soufflé as a name. :D
I instantly thought Frigg(a), but I think something Scandinavian-feeling would definitely be the move! Like Liis (leese), or Vild(h)e...
Hmm... I thought Macy. There are different ways of spelling it too as I looked it up at this link below. That's the name that came to me as soon as I saw the kitten. Very cute and adorable.
since she is white as snow

how about Snow?
oh she's baby

She's going to have such glamorous fur when she grows up.

Along the old Hollywood glamor vein: Myrna or Faye are just weird enough to not sound like people names.

isabella or elizabeth gorl

or egg
Lady Fluffles
What about Luna
Mr. Meow-Meow. ((Brain 100))

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