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Shinigami (played by Great7)

Ok bye", he said disappearing and appeared beside Nasr then changed to his normal form, "ha. Wait who was he spying on anyway?"
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

He shrugged and shook his head. " I was not the one who caught him" Turning to the shy dragon now, he asked. "Who was it?"

" No one! I wasn't watching anyone..." Yuuma grabbed his horn and began to wander off. Though his head was down, his gaze was cast towards the stars.

" Yes you were!" The boy trotted after him with a smile on his face. " It was a human girl!"

" it wasn't...please...just stay with them..."

By now Inei was standing by Nasr's side, watching the two head towards a pond. " She was a human. One of Shinigami's friends I think"

" Lisa?" He said stepping back. A confused look was given to her before he looked at his friend.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Ha well you're a dead man Yuuma. Better start planning your goodbyes. Don't worry, I will bring your soul back so we can always hang out", he said sighing, "and he was so young. Even I had to go through a lot to get that girl to be comfortable around me, auctually that's a lie she's aggressive to boys that aren't me, so much in his life. He will be missed", he said holding Nasr brother, "hey if you see the god of death tell him I want to speak with him", he said to yuuma
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" Huh, w-what now!?" Yuuma turned around, wide eyed for a moment then gained a nervous grin. " I-I wasn't watching her...honest...I'll just...leave her be...death isn't on do list" He hung his head and buried his face in his hands.

" So young and available! Think of all the girls who will weep at his passing" Nasr patted Shinigami's head and shook his own. The simple pat turned into a swift wack. " What are you doing!? Where is your girl to hold?"

Grass stirred under the rapid pounding of feet. Inei retreated from the boys before a blur plowed into them, knocking them to the ground. He let loose a caw only to find Keiran grinning at them. " What was that for? Yuuma needs the support not us"

" I got you to be nice to Shinigami" He chuckled.

The kid was shoved back so he could sit up. " You will reach the age of telling me and every other guy to fluff off just so..." He looked back up to Yuuma who had reached the edge of the pond. " shy you run scared...never understanding what you feel..."He mumbled.

" Huh? I'm confused..." Keiran looked back and forth between the valra and dragon.

A mix of emotions filled his face when he turned back to Shinigami. " We should help him find a girl before he gets killed. Someone will enjoy his gentle personality, right? Before that, why did you drag us out here?"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

O didn't drag you anywhere", he said confused then stood up, "don't worry he won't die. I will try to stop that. Lisa is forgiving. Let meguess what happened you found her wanted to talk to her but were too shy and hid yourself and she turned around and thought you were stalking her. Something like that", he said, "well as long as she wasnt in the bath you're fine"
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" True, but you did...ah forget it" Nasr leaned back only to find Inei behind him. She watched Shinigami and Yuuma while bracing him. "

A knee-jerk sent him forward, teetering over the water until he regained his balance. " In the B-bath! Lumerin forbid!" Yuuma faced Shinigami with a sheepish look; clinging to a horn like it was a lifeline. " You're not far off...I couldn't bring myself to talk to I uh..."

He scratched at his horn now and looked away. His face turned bright red as he smiled. " I-I...was hiding but not long when...well Keiran startled me. A-asked why I was..." With a sigh, his hand fell to side. " Why I was watching her. I jumped into the open and...well...surely you know how that ended..."
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Ha. It was easy to see that story. Don't worry she's not a man eater in fact she's one of the nicest brings out there. The fact you're indtrested in her isn't surprising", he said patting yuumas shoulder, "and she's full somethings so she probably thought nothing about it. Here I will being....auctually no. Nasr what were you trying too say?"
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" So I-I'm safe?" He said with a soft smile. " How do you...I-I mean what does she...oh..." His attention turned to the pond. The hopelessness reflected back made him sigh.

" Nothing important" Nasr waved in dismissal the thoughts. " You look like you have things covered but uh...why do you want to kick the gods?"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Oh yeh those guys are annoying. They need to understand that what they do affect us", he replied to Nasr, "remember sonne killed the survivors that decided to stay with us to survive and and solarium has been commiting genocide since before you were alive. Someone has a put a foot in their mouth. Maybe literally", he said standing up and strectged.
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" The god of death...we have no idea where he is" The image of what they saw under the castle flashed through his mind. A gruesome yet delicious sight in its own right. " You want to kick Lumerin because of Kuroi? We just found out she is a god of death too but..."

" The gods do understand they effect us" Inei added. " We are their creations. Game pieces in a grand game. If death is your problem then you must confront the one you love too" A cold light was in her eyes when she looked at him. She was no stranger to the bitter chain of death.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Oh trust me I understand I'm named after it,kind of, but I'm talking about solarium. I have no issue with lumerin since he literally tried to sacrifice his whole god hood and everything and kuroi is fine. Solarium I have a problem with her snd the god of death stole my name. I understands name means someone who guides the dead to their resting place and he's the god of death but pick your own name. If he did something bad with my name in pretty famous who do you think they will look at another god they haven't heard about of me the guy who captured the demons and broke the luminaries from the inside. Even though some people j failed after that ended up dying. And that kid, she's was a nice young kid keirans age. Anyway yeah I have a problem with him and I need a drink", he said turning around then fell down, "I'm weak and paralyzed but my head and neck is ok it seems", he said moving his head, "could someone help me. And no one try to kiss me"
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

All but Inei surrounded him after he fell with faces full of concern and curiosity. Nasr smirked and knelt down. " Who is worse? You or Kuroi? Anyway, maybe that is why the god of death stole your name" He said poking him in the forehead. " We know Solarium and her followers have wanted you dead since the first tower fell"

" Thus Death reigns in the night..." Yuuma mumbled as he untied something from his belt. " but none know who wears the crown until dawn breaks once more..."

A caw stuck in Nasr's throat when he turned towards the dragon. " You had to do many dreams have you had while we have been fighting!?"

" That? I-it's nothing" A small bottle of a starry liquid was in his hands. He twisted the cap while trying to get it open. " Given the situation it makes sense. He'll be branded a traitor and enemy by the god of death. The goddess of night and death will stand by his side though, effectively adding her to the list. Followers of Solarium will pray for her death and actively seek it" Finally the lid came off with a resounding pop. He held it out to Keiran to hold before lowering the bottle Shinigami. " Depending on which sun brings the dawn, the people will have placed the crown on this god or you and Kuroi, respectively. I found this in her apothecary, it should help"

" Why were you..." He smirked and looked around. Perfection would have been obtained with a single soul. " Hey Yuuma. One of us should fetch Kuroi. I want to know if that goddess can heal him with a kiss"

Keiran lifted his head and tipped it slightly. " But didn't he say no one kiss him?"

" Well duh! We are a bunch of guys that is just..." Out the corner of his eye he watched a devious expression cross Inei. " Don't you dare!"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Wow hiding dreams now. Well I will be fine with te kiss if a beautiful lady. Yuuma dear, I can't take that to drink I said beautiful girl. That's the rule. She's has to beautiful and I have to approve.", he said looking at Nasr then followed his gaze, "I auctually believe in not being intense with a friends girl but I will if it has to do with revenge for being with my girl do don't worry now. I also allow myself intimacy with my friends Gil if it's an emergency situation which we are in now so.....yeah. Can she transform to her human form real quick it's no trouble for her right or we can call Lisa she will...happily do it which would be fine if she would stop so I don't choke again", he said then tried to grab the bottle, "on second thought I will do it myself. Latest dream Yuuma we need to know. By the way how's your family? We haven't seen them. You had a sister right?"
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at him. " A strict rule with your friend's girl yet lax with your own...I'm amazed you gained a goddess for being such a player"

" That is icy even from you" Nasr cringed. " Have a heart and...You are going to dog him when you just-" She pressed a finger to lips and gave him a bitter look. Slowly, she lifted her head and smirked. " You should know me better. The reaction you two gave was worthwhile"

Her hand shifted to hold his jaw but he stepped back and shook his head. " Hydra. I'm making you get Kuroi for that stunt!" Nasr stated while pointing towards the castle. She faded into the shadows without a word. Both Keiran and Yuuma were bright red when he looked their way again. " Yuuma dear? Ha! That change will never leave you"

" I-I didn't ask for...just forget it he thinks I had a sister because of it..." His hands trembled as he tried to bring the potion bottle closer. " That's not as strange as...Lisa choking him...w-with a it?" The bottle was almost dropped when he hid his face with his free hand.

" Oh riiiight and you like her. Lucky you" He smirked and officially sat down. " Anyway, dreams and...why are you with Kuroi when Lisa is obsessed with you!?" Nasr gave a cross look at his friend. A clawed hand grabbed his shoulder and dragged him away. " Hey, what!?" Inei stood over him, smiling. " Damn...that was fast. Soooo...what did you tell her?"

" I told you not to neglect your rest" Kuroi said as she knelt by Shinigami's side. The bottle was taken from Yuuma and held in her teeth. Shinigami was lifted onto her lap before she grabbed the bottle. It was held to the starlight as she inspected it. " And you want to yell at me? I'll have to be specific when labeling my healing potions now, I see. It will help...a little" Her smile was soft as she leaned down to give him a kiss.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

One I would know if kurois with another guy and I would kill him and two you didn't hear what I said right. And three, no kisses. None I changed my mind don't do it. You're going to do it anyway aren't you?", he said with a sigh and took a deep breath, "at least it's yeah do any of you remember where my mom was cause she's been awfully quiet and why did that shadow guy sit on an egg. Like I just thought why not when I saw it and now it hit me now for a weird reason and oh yes..", he said interrupted by the bottle as it was taken from kurois hand and the contents put down his throat. The bottle was removed as he took some breaths, "Tobi of course. You were looking for me and just happened to find me at the right time. Wow the timing. Maybe invent a watch for times to not show up", he said coughing s little, "what was in that bottle it tasted like it was old"
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

" Jerk" She said when the bottle was taken from her hand. The response he gave made her shake her head. " He could have been healed without the awful taste" a sweet smelling smoke poured from her mouth when she exhaled. " I know the conditions of my potions" Her glare at Tobi quickly shifted to Shinigami. " And what makes you think I have another guy in my life!?"

Keiran was roughing up his hair now. A few steps were taken back and he sat a good distance away. " Everything is so weird!"

Nasr laughed as he pulled Inei down. " Because Travis keeps showing up?"

" You boys are incouragable..." Inei sighed. She shifted to be more comfortable then lifted her head. " Your mother was with the rest of us. Since the castle is safe, I doubt she's still there. Is there a reason your concerned about her silence"

" I'm sure plenty" Kuroi said as she turned to her.

" What of the egg?..." Yuuma mumbled into his hands. He dared not look up incase someone else showed up.

" That...Shadow is...well the egg could be a representation of whatever point he wanted to make" Kuroi looked up at the stars. How many times had she seen him with an egg before? " There may be nothing to it all. He didn't copy your idea of a throne atleast" A knot formed in her stomach though as more ideas of the egg filled her mind. If she knew exactly what he did or said it would be easier to translate his actions.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

Oh. Yeah you see we were talking about something before you came and....forget about it", he said when another potion was put down his throat by Tobi , "that taste just like my moms favorite sleeping potion", he said squeezing his face then passed out

A portal opened and Elena walked through with Lisa, "is he asleep yet? Oh good, now Tobi bring him here", Elena said as Tobi lifted him up and took him through the portal then the two followed and her portal closed
Nasr Varethar (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

Kuroi's nose twitched when the portal closed. Tobi stealing him was one thing but seeing Lisa set off a storm of thoughts.

" Hey, Yuuma! You missed your girlfriend" Nasr chided. The prophet of the night lifted his head and looked around with eyes wide. " W-what? I...I don't have a...girlfriend"

" Really now? Then why did you look?" He snickered. " She ran off with Shi-oww!" Inei pulled a single feather from his head.
" There's two to consider here!"

" Th-that's ok...really. He did say...oh..." Locking eyes with the goddess said it all. A chaotic storm that was impossible to sum up in a word was visible. She took her kitsune form and nabbed Yuuma, tossing him on her back. " You're coming with me! No choice"

" W-wait!" She vanished into the shadows before he could slide off.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

He was taken to kurois room and set down on her bed. Kronos was standing beside the bed

Why are we doing this again?", Kronos asked

Well he's immortal. Maybe put Tobi inside him", she replied

Well depends on Tobi.", Kronos sais
Kuroi (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

The realm of shadows held grand detail, much to Yuuma's surprise. While she searched for Shinigami's scent, he looked around in awe. " It's...almost like a mirror"

" What did you expect? Shadows belong to something" Her ears pinned when she lifted her head to sniff. Suddenly they shot back up. " Found you but...why are you..." Darkness cloaked them as she bolted off.

They entered the room from a shadow on the wall. Her steps were as sure as a hunter's but Yuuma leaned forward in an attempt to hide in her fur. Seeing both his parents, Kuroi's cast her gaze back and forth between them. What was going on?

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