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I'm not new to RPR, but I've taken a... very.. long break from it. I've been back to reply to the people in my inbox, but not to the roleplays- I see it as unfair to just ghost people.

The point of this entry is, however, that i would like to meet new people! Doesnt even have to be roleplaying! Something happened in my life a week or two ago (It's all a little hazy still at the moment) and id like to meet new people, explore personalities! Need a friend? Just bored and need someone to talk to? New to the site? And if a roleplay comes out of it, then it shall come! Just dont be afraid to PM me!

Have good day/night! :)
Welcome back! It's been a hell of a while.
Welcome back! If you wanna talk, you know I’m here for ya! 😁

Welcome back.
Welcome back, hope you get the chat you wish for, feel free to chat me up.
Welcome back Skylar!
Hey there!! Welcome back to RPR! I'm glad your back!
hello skylar woods and may i personally welcome you to the new and improved RPR!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to back to RPR!
Welcome back! I hope you find what you're seeking this time around. :)
Welcome back Sky!
Welcome back Sky, glad you were able to get to a place that you could come back and enjoy writing again!! Have fun!
I’m new so I didn’t see you around before but welcome back! x
Welcome back! Hope to see you around. :)
Welcome back, Skylar! I hope things have eased up and that you are doing well. <3
hello and WELCOME BACK TO RPR!!!!<3<3<3<3
Welcome back! Sometimes it is good to take a break. This site is a great way to connect with new people.
elcomeWay (back) otay ethay oleplayray epositoryray. opeHay ouyay enjoy ouryay aystay.

Welcome. 💐


Welcome back. Though I have never talked to you, always feel free to PM me for boredom reasons, because I am quite amendable to that. And I wish you good luck in finding the type of connections you are after! <3

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