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“Well I mean this could always just be a hallucination from them gassing the building...” the scientist said a creepy grin growing far beyond normally capable appeared on his face and as the others turned to her the same expression could be seen ((just another plot twist lol I think I’m getting pretty good at them))
With wide, fearful eyes, Ezra stepped back twice. "Hallucination..?" The red-head repeated, the word sounding harsh on her tongue. "I.. I don't understand-" She shook her head slightly, running her fingers through her tousled hair. This was real, wasn't it..?

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Ezra would wake up still in the blast shelter but the door was open and the nuke alarm wasn’t on...
Confused, Ezra pushed herself into a sitting position, groaning as she reached for her head, as if that would cure her headache. "Wonderful job, Paola.. How am I supposed to tell the difference between reality and fantasy..?" The red-head furrowed her brows. "Good question.." Bewildered, she looked around. Had she left the door open? When had she gotten in here? Shaking her head, she reached for the radio, standing up and muttering, "Hello..? What happened? Where is everyone? The scientist.. the guards...the.. the strange creatures- They were.. all here.." The woman sighed. "Can you perhaps find my location? I think I'm in the.. the blast shelter, as you call it. I don't care if my life is ended, nor do I care if I make it out alive. Just make all of this stop. Please."
(( so sorry I’ve been gone for so long! A lot of paperwork at the barracks )) the radio breves on and a pre recorded sounding voice said “remember! Reality bending events are common during this caliber of breach...” the voice repeated itself a few times each time getting deeper and slower until it’s just stopped entirely...
The red-head furrowed her brows, biting back an irritated and solemn scream. The fact she couldn't tell what was reality and what wasn't frightened her more than she'd like to admit. Slowly, as she rose to her feet, Ezra made a mental checklist of what she knew was definitely real. Her trip to Demeral, the Towns Hall, Hans.. Ezra shuddered, but continued. The bullets, the tazing table, the gas.. She paused. What had the gas done to her, exactly? Was that causing reality to buffer? She ran a hand through her tousled hair, backing into the hall. "Hans?" The woman hissed in a half-whisper, surprising herself at the sound of her own rough voice. She had lost where she was, exactly, and given up to searching for someone and not something. "Soldiers? I'm right here. I'm giving up. You win."

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The plague doctor turned a nearby corner to face the woman “my dear... they were all deeply infected with the pestilence... I am the cure...” he reached out his hand as he began walking towards her “and sadly it appears the pestilence has struck you too....”
"Oh- You again-" Apparently, and unfortunately, the strange creatures were real. Despite the doctor's voice being somewhat soothing, Ezra snapped out of her daze and began walking backwards, shaking her head. "I said you won, did I not? I am not a mouse, and, therefore, I will no longer run through the maze looking for the way out. And you-" Ezra jabbed a finger towards the doctor, hissing. "-are nothing but delusional. Besides, I'd rather die from a fictional plague than let you lay a hand on me." She picked up her pace, her voice rising as she spoke. "This is all a dimwitted dream! I'm delusional and I'm going insane, am I not? Something's wrong," She took a breath, turned on her heels, and began running. "Something's wrong.."
As Ezra approaches the corner four men in all black military uniforms turned the corner going the same way she was with their backs to her the clearly didn’t see her... should she interact with them or attempt to escape?
Ezra stopped running, gathering her breath as she whipped around. She wasn't sure if the doctor was still following her, but she couldn't take any chances. "Hello?" The red-had immediately turned around, though she expected this to be a trick. "Paola Ezra Marlowe. If it weren't under such timing, it would be a pleasure meeting you. But it isn't. " She inhaled, her brows furrowed. "Could you tell me where I am, exactly? Or take me back to a place where there isn't murderers?"
The doctor was gone and in his place was another man similar to the one she killed he was sitting on the floor his hands in his face quietly sobbing....
"No.." The word sounded harsh, but it was spoken out of desperate fear. "No- Guards? Soldiers?" The red-head panicked, turning back to the four men. "Can you hear me?" She took a breath, trying to avoid getting any closer to the weeping man as she locked her eyes on him in total alarm.
What appeared to be the guards had began fading away and all that remained were what seemed to be pieces of black ash floating in the air... the man continued sobbing and whispered “please don’t leave me...”
((I literally forgot about this RP. Should I try to RP with you guys, or should I just leave?))
(( if u think u can fit one of ur characters in go on ahead lol ))
The same feeling of guilt and panic rose in her chest as the soldiers dissolved into nothing by ash and the man begged to not be left. Ezra didn't know what to do. She felt this was a trick. She knew it was a trick. Yet, she stayed where she stood, clearing her throat before speaking as kindly as she possibly could. "I'm sorry.."

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“They’ve abandoned us all...” the man stood up revealing he was given a buzz cut and he was wearing an orange jump suit appears be the right breast pocket ‘D-4859’’ was printed and on the left breast pocket a circle with three arrows attached and facing in was printed...
"Abandoned? The soldiers?" The red-headed woman blinked, rather bewildered. She swallowed her fear for a moment in order to speak. "I beg your pardon, but what do you mean? Who's 'us'? You and I, or the.. supposedly subjects.. here?"
“Both... you haven’t looked at that white things face have you?” The man slowly stepped closer
She rose a brow, shuddering at the memory. "I.. I'm afraid I have. Yes, I know very well that thing is seeking for my life, but I was hoping it was all just a daze, much like the scientists in the blast shelter," Ezra sighed, though she tensed as the man stood closer and forced herself to step back.

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