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Hiya,I decided to make a game where you decide to Hit Hug or Kiss the person above you. Ill start us off using Luci.
Luci (played by JetStorm) Topic Starter

Luci sits on the ground,looking at the clear blue sky,then he sees a stranger. "Hi..." he said shyly.
"Hi good afternoon beautiful day isn't it"
(Sorry my fingers slipped let me start again)

Ryan grid was jogging and noticed
a strange said hi to him, "hi good afternoon beautiful day isn't it?"
Ryan hugs Lucy being friendly.
Eliya (played by ConnanBell)

"Hello, brother!"

He gives his fellow heavenly being a great big hug.
Dorothy Parsons (played by Juls)

"An angel? Like a ... real ... angel? Luddy Mussy..." Dorothy whispered in awe and hugged Eliya, then quickly wiped away a little tear that no one was ever supposed to see.
Hit... you know... wanted dead or alive... it’s easier that way when they are unconscious. ;)
Lysandra (played by Morrigan)

The well dressed blonde smiles at him and slips up to wrap an arm about his neck, "You are a tall drink of handsome, aren't you?" She croons before pressing a kiss to his cheek, "I'd rather not die because I stole a kiss."

"Hrmm... I didn't w-wanna hit you, a-and I g-get nervous when I kiss, so..."
Gumball (played by JetStorm) Topic Starter

"I'd hug you since you are one of my friends."

"You seem very sweet and I would love to be friends."
Damion Domingas (played anonymously)

We would love to kiss you. 💋

“Now see.. it’s situations like this why ye bring a double headed weapon. I gots a nice spear head for one bloke and an axe for the other one.”
“Agh”, hrumphed the ruddy dwarf as he staggered over. “It’ll be a hug an’ a pint for me kin, me ‘hinks.” He throws one arm around the other dwarf’s shoulder for one moment with a bro hug. “Definitely healthy, mate... What’s the goings on be?”
Sasha Antonova (played anonymously)

"You look creepy so most definitely I'll hit you."
"i have never met anyone so beautiful as you. so i started to introduce myself to Sasha then i give a kiss on your lips." he blushed red.
Dylan (played by Abigail_Austin)

Dylan hugs Ryan. "She just hit that last guy, out."
Hugs him, "Hi mister!"

"You look sweet and we could possibly be friends."
Damon (played by Optimusprimal99)

"You seem nice miss Williams, i would like it if we end up becoming good friends" *he blushes dark red*

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