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Granted but you're now a terrible goose

I wish for this thread to end

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Granted! ✨ This thread is now finished! Oh wait, I'm not a moderator.

I wish I had more time in the day.
Granted, except now you're now unable to do anything during the day.

I wish my dead snake was still alive.
granted but now it's a flesh hungry zombie

i wish for every copy of son of the mask and dead rising 4 land on neptune
Granted, but Neptune blows up from the overload.

Can I wish for a dragon maid?
Granted, you can wish having a dragon maid but you still don't get one, only the ability to wish for one. >:)

I wish for a space burrito!
Granted! But you can only can only eat it in space. Without any oxygen. Fun.

I wish for this wish to not get ruined.
Granted, but now your life is ruined? Iunno anymore.

I wish for TWO dragon maids!
Granted, but they never follow your wishes and orders. Have fun.

I wish that my mother was a bit kind and understanding..
Granted - but she becomes so kind it starts to get a little creepy how she's always smiling like that...

I wish the world not to end in my lifetime.
Granted - The world ends when your children/grandchildren/nieces and nephews are alive.

I wish I could erase my browser history for good.
Granted but everyone you every met got sent your history

I wish for love
Granted, now your married to the ugliest person ever!

I wish I could get to know my friends earlier
I wish I could stop teleporting off a few meters due to my previous wish!
Now you're stuck in time forever

I wish I could be good

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