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... paradox happens, a black hole of logic appears
(I mean I could put some deadly chemicals in it)
I wish for a legally owned real gun

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....but your psychological profile makes it impossible to own a gun?
I wish I could have the mechanics of my game design play tested.
Granted, but the mechanics don’t work well together and end up ruining the game.

I wish I could get sea shanties out of my head.
granted, but other songs do

I wish songs would stop getting in my head
Granted, but you can't hear songs at all anymore.

I wish I could a write song
Granted, but it’s borderline nonsensical.

I wish Symphogear came back to us US fans.
Granted, but other regions feel betrayed and they lose popularity.

I wish for better War Thunder april fools events.
granted, but they never go away

I wish to stop having problems

Granted, But solving those problems results in more problems

i dont know what i want, so i wish for someone to wish for me
I wish for you to have a nice day :-)
granted, but I have a terrible day because it isn't the originals person's wish
(story of my life)
I wish for the person's above wish to be my wish
granted, but the world implodes because that makes no sense.
I wish I could change the appearance of my hair at will, like a character customization menu in a game.
Granted but everything else changes at random.

I wish I could find all the pens I've ever lost.
Granted, but the nibs are all pushed in and you can never use them again.

I wish my holidays are longer.
Granted. But the holidays extend to so long that you eventually get sick and tired of them, and they no longer bring you joy. At all

I wish for something to go right in my life for once.
Granted. The next time you try to open a difficult can or jar, it opens instantly. Then everything goes left.

I wish I could win the lottery and get rich.
Granted but you are paid in the richness of friendship

I wish my uni would communicate on time..
Granted—but the university shuts down minutes later because a car landed on the roof.

I wish that money rained down from the sky…that would be fun.
granted, but you will get paper cuts.

I wish for more days off of school.
Granted - but the future is questionable. Nobody knows what they're doing.

I wish to live in the 80's.

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