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Scarlet (played by JetStorm)

"Why would someone want to do that anyway?! Especially getting a tattoo...It must be painful..."

The character below has anxiety

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Jessica Rivera (played anonymously)

"Yes, with five young adult daughters and a small child, I do."

The next character, like me, has a drinking problem.
Rin (played by starwolf)

yep I love getting drunk!!! whooooo *drinks a bottle of wine*
Tiger Claw (played by JetStorm)

Jessica Rivera wrote:
"Yes, with five young adult daughters and a small child, I do."

The next character, like me, has a drinking problem.

"I drink on occasions, like holidays or birthdays....And I do get really drunk after a few drinks..."

The character below is a fellow bounty hunter
"I can't say I'm a traditional bounty hunter, but I have taken a few jobs like it along the roads."

"The character below has insomnia (or parasomnia)."
"I mean you would too if you had a demon who was always watching you"

the next character is forgetful
Charlotte Walker (played anonymously)

“Um... what was the question again? Oh, it wasn’t a question? Um... ok...”

Next character may be inebriated
“What do yer funny magic words mean?” Yes, she is totally drunk.

The character below me....has lived through a war in their lifetime.
“ A civil war to be precise, it left my family battered and broken, but we are putting all the pieces back together now.”

The character below me has too many phobias
"Wh-what!? Whatever do you mean? I have every reason to be terrified of a Moose-Goose! Wouldn't you? And have you seen the mosquitos? Don't get me started on the tentacles... For the love of physics, the eyes. The eyes!"

All this talk of phobias has the neurotic scientist regressing into a state of mania. It is obvious by the way he's maddeningly raking his semi-gloved hands through his hair that poor Mr. Higgsbury likely won't recover any time soon...

"Surely the person below me has a catered to life. Someone who has everything they could ever want and is safe and warm and doesn't know what it's like to struggle or survive!"
Stolas (played anonymously)

"Point taken"
Stolas (played anonymously)

The person below me has lived a life massively broken, being torn from their parents
Tyro Desit (played by TyroDragon45)

I would personally consider it as something much worse than that. Its also somethinh of which I wouldn't think people would want to hear. Well, anyways, the person below me is probably a nerd
Aki (played by pixl.Bee)

"Well... I guess you could say that, yeah."
"The person below me is afraid of insects. Like, super afraid of them."
Kuro (played by clxudy_tears)

“That was quite rude in my opinion, But it is what it is, I suppose.” The person below me probably once ate dirt.
five (played by Wandering_Mary)

"I was dared to," 5 grumbles

The person beneath me has never eaten a sugary treat
Jhalue Ninn (played by Juls)

"Sugar cane is a product of the surface dwellers - inferior, weak races."

The character below is a father.
“I am, sorta. Is the son of my evil doppelgänger count as my son as well? Eh, still love him even if it doesn’t.”

The character below me is a city person through and through.
Umbra (played by Sabaton_AllTheWay)

"Yep, though, due to certain circumstances, I never got to meet 'em. Sucks."

The character below has children--whether it be directly or indirectly.
Trudy White (played by Juls)

"Well, I have a son of my own. My pride and joy in life. And just a few months ago, I took two other children under my wing. I fear I am growing overly attached to them and find I dread the day their mother returns to lay claim to them."

The character below is a math nerd.

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