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Hello! My name is SuitnTie but you can call me just by Suit (or Toastie).
I’m new; not to roleplay, to the site.

I usually can work with One-Liners, but most of the time I am Semi-Literate.

Still figuring the site out so bare with me if I mess up a few times.
Welcome! It’s pretty chill here. Take a few and go over the getting started guide. It does help a lot.
SuitnTie Topic Starter

Alrighty ty! :)
Welcome to the family, SuitnTie!
hello and WELCOME TO RPR!!!!<3<3<3<3
We bid you welcome here, I dare to say this the best site for having the best role-plays and making great friends you are most welcome.
Welcome! I'm sure you will have lots of fun on this site! ^_^ There are RPs for all likings and a lot of great, crerative players! :)
Welcome to the fam, SuitnTie!
Welcome to the community!
Hi. Welcome to RPR. Hope you enjoy your time here.
Hi there welcome to RPR!
Welcome to the RPR Family! :)
Welcome aboard! Enjoy your adventures.
Hi, welcome to RPR!

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