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Astoria Chrome (played anonymously)

"Mama, I want a snake!" Alia actively freezes up

"Uhmm...sure?" The woman would say not wanting to tell Astoria no "perhaps when your older?"
Katraj (played anonymously)

*He patted the girls head* “I would recommend a small snake first before she starts to think that she wants a bigger snake that just means they need more care for there size”
Astoria Chrome (played anonymously)

"Imma get a big snake!" She'd squeal, Alia sighs already heading to the pet store
Katraj (played anonymously)

*he grinned and soon slithered off*
Alia Chrome (played by Reithesniper)

Alia comes back with a small snake "here kid" she'd smile looking at the snake as it seems to comfortably slither around her shoulders vibing on her neck, the child seemed rather happy, she smiled as she watched her kid begin to walk around the bar again
Peanut the Postknight wrote:
Peanut was then rather confused. "Fleet exercises? What's that?"

"I'm a destroyer, so that means I'm part of a naval fleet. Sakura Empire, to be specific. We do joint exercises with the other fleets."
Astoria Chrome (played anonymously)

Astoria sits down deciding to call her snake Ouro, shortening the name Ouroboros " Ouro, lets go get some apple juice" she'd say as she'd walk to get a glass of apple juice
Kenny had entered the bar, rather excited to be here
Astoria Chrome (played anonymously)

She'd sit down next to her mother with a small glass of apple juice which she'd share with her snake
Kenny walked up to Astoria "Cool snake!"
Tilly Wells (played by scare)

tilly was reading her book
Kenny silently sat down at a booth and read the menu
Tilly Wells (played by scare)

Tilly smelled fresh Pretzel's
He walked into the bar and sat next to kenny "Hey ken!"
Tilly Wells (played by scare)

Tilly brought some pretzel's
Kyle walked up to tilly
Tilly Wells (played by scare)

Tilly "Hi"
"Hi! i see you like pretzels. i like em too!"
Tilly Wells (played by scare)

Tilly "I brought them for you guys"
"oh so can we sit here?"

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