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And no, not the ones you go to school for. Name a class straight out of an RPG and assign it to the poor soul beneath you!

Similarly, your character has to react to the post above you! Treat them as having been given newfound abilities! What will they do? How well will they be adjusted to their new class? Is it something they're accustomed to, or are they a complete fish out of water? Write their POV, how they'd feel about it! Then think of a class to pass to the next person!

It can be inspired by anything! Use this link as an example, for inspiration!

1. Don't be mean, for the love of God.
2. That's really just it! have fun!
Connor Stanfeld (played by hexblading) Topic Starter

Starting off, I assign the first post as: Red Mage!


"Gods have mercy, I'm a swiving fencer. No armour to speak of, just spiffy robes and a fancy hat. And magic. Both black and white magic. ****, bollocks. I hate this." Connor snarled, gloved hands trying desperately to undo the ribbons and buttons on a thick, high-collared shirt.

This wasn't his style, at all.

"Get me out of this before I shit myself."
To whoever's next: You're now a dragoon!


Despite how tightly the armor hugged his skin, it fit like a well-worn glove against his arms, legs and chest-- If gloves smelled of burnished steel and made the softest of clinks as he moved. Pulling the helmet down gave the drow no small amount of glee-- In face, he was practically bursting with it, given the dragon motif!

Despite the object of a dragoon being to kill dragons. No matter! The glee still remained!

"Not bad, not bad!" He began, a soft noise escaping his lips as he turned to admire his backside, hand on his hip. "I like it!"
To whomever is next, you're now a Chemist!

Charlie (played by Angel_Dust)

O.O Bad idea XD
Seeing as she now knew how to make splody thingies, Charlie continued to go to the nearest alley and throw splody liquidy mamajamas everywhere

Whoever is next is a gunslinger
Taluna (played anonymously)



You are now a Spirit Channeler, aka a Medium.
The visions were a little scary but kind of cool. Anastasia looked down at her daughter looking up at her, eyes full of questions. the hell am I supposed to explain this?

She sighed and tried to explain.

"It seems I can see, talk, and use the powers of dead people now honey"

To whoever's next, you're now a SUMMONER
Flynn (played by Riik)

"Can I summon plushies? If so... then sign me up! My army of adorable minions shall cuddle the entire universe!"

And so, the universe was flooded with living plush toys. You're welcome.

The next person... is a Moss Finder. A level 2 Moss Finder, to be exact.

((yes, it is a real class from a real game.))
"A moss finder?! I love moss! Moss is so soft and squishy and COOL!" he said excitedly as he summoned moss around him. "I LOVE IT!"

Whoever is next, you are now a PALADIN
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

“A paladin!?! HEY CONNOR! Guess what!!” He smirks and runs off to go annoy a certain paladin he knows.

The next person is……

A druid!
”Druid?! Ha, y’better b’careful there, Doc, or ‘m gonna be ‘em best’o both worlds! Be a stinkin’ beast an’ be able t’ave friendly chat wit’ ‘em? Guy, ‘m take back ‘em world.” Beefy arms crossed with glamerous pride, this new power of Sprite’s draped onto her psyche like a welcoming, warm cloak. Magick and Therion both were each other’s biggest friends and fieriest rivals; the idea of mastering both made her stomach tingle! ”Know ‘t be soundin’ cliche, but some critters’re genno scared’o me, y’know? So I’m go try an’ summon a cat that don’ spit at me an’ walk away.” No, she didn’t mean Randle by that. Had to focus, concentrate..

”Oh, yeah-“ And continue the game, of course. Shooting the next unfortunate contestant a playful smile, Sprite finally added: ”Y’, m’lucky guy, will henc’n’forth be.. a Court Fool! Arn’ no more glorious class in ‘em universe, is there?” Metaspace’d better give ‘em one of those hats with the bells on them, that’d be kicking!
Xa'Taren (played by Riik)

"Ohoho! Plot twist! I am already a regular fool! You have only made me stronger! Thanks for the jester hat, by the way! I'll be sure to jingle about with it!" Xá cartwheeled his way out of the room... and then hurried back to poke his head back in.

"Oh yeah! Oh NeXt PeRsOn~ ThOu aRt To Be... a Mog Knight!"

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