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ChapterBillion wrote:
Is the RP closed to new characters?

Hello friend!

We are completely open to new characters. In theory there are 20 contestants, but only five or six have been named, so we can totally have you on board!

Feel free to shoot me a DM/PM (or contact me on Discord @8KinTora#2573) and tell me about your character, their abilities, backstory, and motivation for the crown.

So guess who finally friggin posted

If you haven’t yet, everyone please make sure to join our Discord. This is where we are organizing all of our lore & threads and it’s a way to contact us OOC easier.

Obelus Discord

After a falling-out with Serverus, Obelus has been taken down, and Serv has decided to lay the world to rest. Crown of Laurels will continue to operate with its existing premise and story.

Serv is likely to withdraw from COL as well, so in that case, we might need to open up the LFRP thread again since there are only four of us playing now.

I'll be responding with Amara soon. Hopefully within the weekend.

Oh rngs...why do you hate me?

Okay guys, we really should kick this RP back up to speed, lmao

Corym, you're up.

Welcome to Pantrane! His character Aranath is a tribal wood elf ranger who specializes in phys, agility, speed and dexterity, as he does not possess magic. Glad to have you here and feel free to insinuate yourself into the post order after Corym, or just whenever. XD

Whoop! Pantrane!

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Forums > RP Discussion > Crown of Laurels OOC