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That sounds like a good idea. At the very least Tora should be informed of the character's scope of abilities via PM I'd think just in case.

Agreed. If she had any abilities I planned on keeping hidden I'd do it that way but for the most part Amara's a bit of a blunt instrument so I don't mind putting it down for all to see. She has other secrets that Tora has been made aware of. *evil cackle*

Soooo...I just realized that I created a character with a lisp that makes it impossible to pronounce the 'th' sound. And had her give herself a name with a 'th' sound in it. Cause I'm the smartest, most logical writer ever!


Hahaha, oh that's sad. I feel sorry for her.

Sorry everyone, I had lots of school. I'll post sometime today, and I'll respond to Corym.


... guys look like you're having fun. I'm not really inclined to stop the dynamics yet, since this seems to be good in character development.

I'll let you guys keep talking until next Monday so I can come at this full throttle.

Oh snap! Corym! Whatcha gonna do? *grabs popcorn excitedly*

He's gonna play along for now, but that doesn't bean he's gonna play nice. He wants answers about their decisions and motives outside of "Because its our law."

I'm going to wait a bit before responding to Valens to give Liam and Varen a chance to chat and catch up. If we need to move forward to the next day though just let me know and I'll throw out an ending to that conversation.

*creeps back into the RP with popcorn*

Let me know when you guys want to go on to the next day. I'm not in a rush.


Iā€™m game for whatever. šŸ˜

I just wanted to give the other two a chance to get caught up.

Also. *snatches popcorn back* Stop eating my popcorn! Bunch of vultures...

I'm in no hurry either. Corym certainly isn't going anywhere soon. XD

We'll see what the others have to say. It is the beginning of a new week so some may have work or classes.

Well let me know what you guys want to do : D

Since there's just silence, I'll cut to the next day next Monday when I get back. Finish up whatever convos you maybe be having.

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Forums > RP Discussion > Crown of Laurels OOC