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I prefer my own or someone elses created world, but I am not against using earth or some thing like that.

I usually do a bit of both. I love fandom RPs, especially Pokemon, Skyrim, and Fire Emblem, but I also really enjoy RPing in my own worlds that I create.

I have an entire universe built for my characters, and not even all of it is fully explored.

I prefer to roleplay in original universes. I'm not one to enjoy a universe made for a show or a movie etc

In fact, I'm strong at story building and feel like I'm okay when it comes to character building, but lately I've been looking into building worlds and settings so I might soon make my own world.

OMG Content aware scale TF2 is HILARIOUS! *ehem* Don't mind me.....

And okay, that's fair enough ^w^ thank you for sharing that bit of preferences with me

I'm currently working on an Empire as apart of my world :D

I still need to get myself to worldbuild more.. TMR needs more work.. But.. Solo building sucks

I mainly want to get better at worldbuild because outside of roleplay I write fiction, and I'd be very happy if I could create a world for my novels

even more if I could create one for my novels but also use it for roleplay ^w^

Well Syl I will let you know due to my pref of not using humans or hybrids in RP anymore, I have to do alot of my stuff by myself, but I am more then happy to answer questions people have.

It's always satisfying to make the world you desire.

I rp in both. Ecksel is a world I had built myself as well as Fridja and Noan.. My others.. Mayon, Hel, Malachai and Healbot 9000 are in built universes


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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)