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Alright. Last words before the roleplay, thank you so much for taking interest in this. I just joined last night so thanksss! :) :)

The leaves under my feet crushed as I walked. Usually I made no noise as I walked through the forest, but I was pretty sure there were no walkers nearby. The sky was a light blue and no clouds. It’s was around mid-day so the walkers weren’t as active. With one hand in my pocket, as a habit, and the other swinging by my side. My black hair cascaded down my shoulders and slightly bounced every step I took. I was out scavenging. Anything to eat.. I ran out of the MRE’s recently and I’ve never been a fan of hunting, but you gotta do what you gotta do..

(Of course! You're very welcome ^-^)

Sweat rolled down my forehead. Walking out in the middle of the road with no shade wasn't the best idea I had but it was safer to spot danger from the sides from a distance. The mid-day sun shined on top of the small houses on either side and made the cover of the trees to my right very inviting. Since I couldn't exactly hunt any animals with the sledgehammer that sat on my shoulder, held by my left hand, I had to resort to a more disliked plan. Tangerine colored hair shook with my head as I turned to pick the least damaged house on the right and slowly made my way over to it. Here goes nothing...

I suddenly stopped as something rustled in the brush. I crouched down and I slowly looked around, making my movements unnoticeable. There were more rustles and a walker slowly emerged from the bush, unacknowledging me. I slowly scooted behind a tree, my steps no longer being heard. As the walker walked past, his right foot dragging, I came from behind him and quickly pushed my machete through his skull. As he dropped to the ground, I grimaced. I had always felt bad for killing the zombies... they were once people too. But I always had to remind myself, _they aren’t anymore.._ I shook my head and continued my hunt. There were houses on the right side of me but I decided to stay away from them, Incase there were more walkers.. Plus walking in the middle of an open area would cause exhaustion.

I tried opening the door and it swung wide, much to my surprise, and it let out a low creak. I grabbed it before it knocked the coat rack over and peered through with caution. The main hall was neat and empty. The living room on the left had some furniture that seemed to be fairly old and worn down, but nothing that gave away if anyone was still within the house. I took a small few steps further inside and closed the door behind me. I listened for any noise to give away the sign of life but only heard the wind from an open window in the, what I guess to be, the direction of the kitchen. I gripped my sledgehammer with both hands and walked deeper inside the two-story home.

I stopped walking and stood there for a few seconds. I started listening for movements and a couple minutes later, I smiled as I heard a squirrel on a tree. With much practiced movements, I swiftly lifted my pocket knife from my pocket and swung it at the tree. Hitting the squirrel dead in the stomach. I went to the tree and I took the knife and squirrel. I smiled at my accomplishment and began running in the direction of my camp. My camp wasn’t very far, and once I got there, I couldn’t help myself but to fall to my knees near my tent. I did what I had to do, so that I could eat. I slowly cooked it on the fire and I placed my katana and machete on the ground. I sat in silence, and kept the fire low so that it wouldn’t attract walkers.

I walked into the living room and went under a overhang into the kitchen. Once there I searched the cupboards, finding a decent amount of canned foods, which confused me a lot. I took the cans and placed the on the counter above until I had just more than enough for probably a good week and a bit if I rationed it correctly. I remembered that I didn't have a backpack and went back down the hallway to try to find one. Why was there so much food here still?

After a long while, the squirrel was done, I took it off the fire and let it cool down. I went inside my tent to change out of my jeans and tank top. I put on a different pair of jeans and I put on a T-shirt. I only had a few pairs of clothes that I had taken. I sat in the tent, crisscrossing my legs.

I walked into the room on the left of the main hall which was the dining room. There was glasses of water still on the much bigger table in the middle of the room. I noticed a door on a lone wall on the other side and made my way over to it. I tried to open it but it seemed to be locked. I raised my sledgehammer high and brought it down hard on the handle, it rattled on the ground as it popped off. The echo of the hit rang throughout the house and I winced a bit. I pushed the door and saw stairs spiral downwards into a dark basement. I took only a few steps down before a decaying hand reached up from the dark and grabbed my ankle, I kicked out with all my might but it wouldn't let go. I screamed in anger and horror as I saw a mangled head rise from the basement as well.

I slowly began to eat, the taste was way better than the MRE’s. I smile as I continued to eat, eventually everything was gone, except the bones. I chucked them out of my tent. The tent ruffled as I started to lay down to rest, but I shot up as I heard a *very* distant scream. I got out of the tent and grabbed my Katana. My eyebrows raised as I looked around. I remembered the houses that weren’t too far from here. I stomped on the fire, until it was nothing but ash. I began making my way towards the houses, thinking about what I might find..

I continued to kick at the walker as I reached for my sledgehammer that I dropped on the stairs but was pulled by the walker and missed it. I growled in anger at the walker and kicked out with my other foot- it landed right in it's face and I heard it's neck crack but it refused to let out.

Bring it on, I could use some fun, I haven't been entertained since the stock market crash of 1929

I made my way to the house that I heard the ruckus come from. I cautiously walked inside, the door creaking. I immediately stopped the door from opening anymore and I walked in. I unsheathed my katana and pointed it ahead of me as I slowly made my way through the house. I came to the basement door and peeked into it. I looked at you and then the walker. Despite my willingness, I quickly sliced the walker head off, and I then pointed my katana at you. I didn’t know if I could trust you, so I slowly backed up the stairs, not taking my eyes off of you.

I scrambled back further up the stairs and just grabbed my sledgehammer before realizing that I might still be at a risk of my head being sliced off. I raised my free hand into the air in a slow manner and stood up properly. I looked at the young woman who was in front of me and noted that it was only her. I gulped before I talked to her in a low and calm voice. "Hey...not gonna hurt you dove. Was just tryin'ta get some food to eat before being attacked...I'ma find a bag and leave ya to it eh? Sound good there dove?"

I didn’t speak as I looked her up and down, scanning for any other weapons. I squinted a little as I lowered my Katana and I moved out of her way so she could leave the basement. I didn’t put my katana away though, Incase of anything..

"I'll take that as a 'yeah'..." , I mumbled as I walked up the rest of the stairs, hazel eyes darted back between the kitchen and the silent woman. I walked sideways to the kitchen and remembered that I didn't get a bag. I cursed myself silently before I checked the upper cabinets for bags and only found the cheap plastic ones. Damnit...

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