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Alright lads and lasses and everythin' in between! It's time to play the ^, <, V game!

It's fairly simple, ^ ye say somethin' about the person above, < ye say somethin' about yerself, V ye say somethin' 'bout the person below.

'Ere, I'll even start for ye lot.

^ Wot am I lookin' at 'ere? It's just the start o' the thread.

< I've gone too long without a propa' lucrative job.

V Will give me a job, meebe? Hopefully somethin' that involves digging or killing.. or both!

^ "Sure--you could help fight the border raiders from those anti-magic barbarians on our northern border." Samson stared at the dwarf for several long seconds, shaking his head and deciding to hold his tongue there.

< "They'd tear down my father's empire and exterminate those with magic, if they could, so I'd really rather they didn't do that considering I have a touch of it myself," he continued, tone deathly dry, before turning to the next person.

V "As for you--I don't recall seeing you around here before, where'd you come from?"

^ "You may or may not believe me," Cchaaneh began, peering down at the human prince, "but I come from a world across the stars from yours."

< Flicking their forked tongue in and out, they added, "To'cht, but I'm hungry. The journey here was long and the food on that ship was bland and unappealing..."

V Turning their gaze on the next person with an unnervingly predatory glint in their eyes, they continued, "I want actual food. Meat, fresh or cooked, plain or seasoned, I don't care so long as it's real meat. Anything that isn't protein rations. You wouldn't happen to know where I could find something to eat, would you?"

^She raises an eyebrow, her dark eyes curious as the glow gold for a bit. She looks down at the hunk of meat in her hands, handing it to the...person who'd asked, "Will that do?"

< She runs a hand through her long brown locks, sighing. She didn't normally hang around people much, but her matron told her to get out and spread some hope.

V She looks to the next person, biting her lip gently, "Any way I can convince you to do an RP with me?" She asks, slightly bored.

^ "Hmm. Probably, but that really depends on which one of my writer's characters you'd actually play with..."

< "I am the Chosen One. I am the one destined to rule this Planet."

V "Am I alive, but dead at the same time?"

^ "That sounds like a thinly veiled desperate call for help."

< "Not that I'd know anything about that, I'm a fighter not a psychologist.."

V "Do we have a psychologist in the house?"

^"Pfft, I wish. I ain't no psychologist, hon."

<"I'm a phoenix tho. Do that count?" She knew it didn't count; she just felt like being snarky.

v"So uh... Ya like booze? Ya like jazz?" Lexi smirked at that little side quip before continuing. "Ya wanna hang out n' party wit' me sumtime?"

^ Kygor eyed Lexi. Its stare from those four reptilian eyes brought about unease, and tense awkwardness that lasts a bit too long. Then, just when it seems the Titan would not answer, he speaks, "Bo-oze? Jazz? I know not of these. Are those instruments of war?" Kygor ask, genuine curiosity in his ferocious voice. "The only 'party' I would willing to participate in, is party of blood, fury and battle"

< "The scorching battlefield, the gratification of warfare. It is the truest form of pleasure above all. I am Kygor, the Strongest, the Mighty, the War God!" He exclaims, fiery in passion and bloodlust.

v "You, are you willing to fight under my banner? Or would you defy me and be inevitably crushed underfoot?"

^ "Depends." Eskallion says with a cold tone. "Only if your banner is under the eyes of Aos, and if you too support the Empire's cause as well. If not... why should I give my arms to a filthy parasite, deity or not? ...However, I will admit your blood lust could be vastly useful, and it could be equally sated if you join The Empire."

< "There are always two definitive forces in the world. Order and chaos, good and evil, Unliving and Living, Aos and Zos. Our cause is just and holy. One day, the Hylmon shall ascend to immortality, and wreak havoc upon the remaining parasites and unaffiliated. And return the world back to Aos, it's rightful owner, as a beautifully dark paradise solely for it's followers."

V "So, I shall leave you with this, stranger. Convert, unite, or die. That is the ultimatum of The Hylmon, the servants of Aos. Choose wisely, for only two of those options guarantee mercy for when we walk the soils as immortals."

^ "Eh.. how about none of the above, buddy, grrrr."

< "I did not escape Hobgoblin military just to get enslaved by some weird golem thingies, grrr.."

V "Seriously, what is it with people wanting to enslave everybody? Grrrr. How about doing their own freaking work for once? Grrrr."

^ "Heh, I hear you."

< "Hey, what's the problem with elves, anyways?"

V "Whatever. So, you think you got problems, pal?"

^"Hell yeah, I do! But I don't go 'nouncin' it 'round to ev'erone like I'm sum emo or bull like that, aight? Pfft, @&#& like that be personal, man. Need'ta stay that way, know what I'm sayin'?"

<"Anyway, I'm bored as all hell. 'Bout ta wreck sum explosives I been tamp'rin' wit' near this one ol' 'bandon'd buildin' in my ci-tay, okay? Gon' be off th' hook!"

V"What 'bout y'all? Y'all like explosives? Or guns, yeah? Y'wanna blow up #%@& wit' me?"

^ "You seem dangerously unstable and destructive, I'd rather not blow things up, if you please."

< "Though I can understand being bored and wanting to get away from the humdrum of everyday experience, sometimes I need to take a retreat, too."

V "Why do you think some people can only channel their boredom through destructive tendencies, anyway?"

^ "Some people like to play really rough, mister."

< "Like me, for instance. Heehee~"

V "Want to play Danmaku??"

^ Kai shook her head apologetically. "No thanks. Bullet hell games put me in fight or flight mode. I don't really enjoy that sort of thing."
< Fidgeting with the end of her long braid, she sighed. "Then again, my anxiety levels have been through the roof since I..." She trails off. "For a while now, I mean."
V "How do you deal with constant stress?" she asks the next person. "I'll take any tips I can get."

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