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Oh ok XD

Seo belike

“Help the child!”

Vincent And tskia basically keep fighting


I mean, there's probably a lot of blood-like stuff all over the place, and the bug's about to start throwing organs if she gets a chance, so I think their degree of distraction is acceptable. X>

Lol true .

The next thing Liliath will do is searching for Lisa with Seo Maybe also with some other characters?

Well, they'll end up running into at least V while they're at it, so we'll see how that goes. X>

Let’s hope that Seo Liliath and raven survive

I'm hoping this assault will at least drive him off for a while, so I'd like to think so.

Idk what to post now in this rp

I think we need to wait for Dazz to do stuff with Vincent and Raven.

Yeah i agree

Okay, well. Thinking about what'll happen after this. Lisa and Victi are soft RP-locked until Cherry returns so we might have to hold off on them. We can use the aftermath to let the survivors to calm down before going on their next great adventure. :)

Yep. I may start setting up the Shadow Fox's page soon. Poor boy is gonna be stuck with knives and maybe his revolver though. No plasma pistols or antimatter-bolt sniper-rifle for him here. Or cloaking, porting.... I feel bad for him, this should be fun. ^v^

Ok what should we do after a Liliath escaped with Seo and Raven. Cause idk

Get wandering, I guess. It may also be a bit quiet for a bit. That, and possibly try piecing together what the hell just happened between the two freaky ones. X>

Maybe Liliath could get kidnapped by Vincent pretending to be someone else her mother or something like that and the others should save her?

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Forums > RP Discussion > This Town is to Die For! -OOC