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She's a baby norwegian forest cat with a big personality... I can't keep calling her Little Money forever.



Whoa! She's beautiful! <3

I would say Frigg, she looks like a Queen.

I say Freya after the goddess of love, because how can you not love her? xD

Looks like a Matilda to me. <3

Sounds like you got a "Sassy" pants on your hand. ;)

She looks like a Lady to me. She is very pretty.


Juls read my mind! My first thought was Matilda, too.

Jeff :3

Super adorable!!! <3

She's all fluff and faaaaangs! XD

My vote is to name her Pancake.... Everyone loves Pancakes.

I'm back to suggest Soufflé as a name. :D

I instantly thought Frigg(a), but I think something Scandinavian-feeling would definitely be the move! Like Liis (leese), or Vild(h)e...

Hmm... I thought Macy. There are different ways of spelling it too as I looked it up at this link below. That's the name that came to me as soon as I saw the kitten. Very cute and adorable.

since she is white as snow

how about Snow?

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Forums > Smalltalk > Help me name this kitten!