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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • She says she isn't really a dragon but I'm not sure. Dragons are pretty awesome and Lauren has proven herself by being such a great addition to the moderating team :) - Darth_Angelus

  • When we join forces in The Old Republic, the galaxy will tremble with our combined RP skills :) - Darth_Angelus

  • We became friends after realising we had met at Dragon*Con without knowing it until we got home. She's very friendly and a fellow Bioware fan. Hope to meet up with her again next time! - Darth_Angelus

  • Kim
    Where would we all be if RPR was never created? I know I'd be bored...She's nice, always talking to other members at any given time, and usually fixing anything that is causing RPR to disappear. So there, Kim, keep up the good work! - Kyra45

  • Haku Loa (played by Iokua)
    A highly believable character with depth and multiple motivations that make all scenes with him a realistic dance of wills! - Kaji

  • Although quite new, he has jumped right in to the thick of things. He totally "gets" the vibe on the site, is super positive, enthusiastic about trying RPs with new people, goofy, and great at helping us to carry on our OOC theater of the absurd. I'm so glad he's joined the site and is playing with us! You're awesome, Drayle. :D - Kim

  • Brosis, is just fun. Always up for a good chat oocing it or creating mayhem with me in IC. Don't let your guard down cause she'll always surprise you. And all in the right ways <3 - TheCoffeeWolf

  • Mo-
    I've never had a doubt about Mo's thoughts or feelings towards me. Mon Cherie doesn't begin to cover it. Just a honest to goodness person who's not about any games. - TheCoffeeWolf

  • Always been a sweetheart to me. <3 Don't go changing. :P - Mo-

  • She is hard not to love. Kind and caring, she never wants to see anyone, even strangers upset. She is one of the most, creative and observant people I know, not to mention her art blows most out of the water. I couldn't even say anything bad about her if I tried! I love you Danee and this community should know just how wonderful and epic of a person and friend you are, My boo <3 - Mo-

  • Bajonet (played by Erotisch)
    I've always enjoyed Bajonet! She is a lovely character, unlike other slave characters she does have a personality and a degree of 'self.' She isn't just a 'yes ma'am, yes sir' slave, which is refreshing to see. - Dylan

  • Meem (played by Eve)
    Meem is refreshing. He is never overly serious, willing to offer help and company. Relaxed, friendly, and charming. - Dylan

  • Whether it is TGT or RPR, Dylan tackles large communities with ease; drawing people together and bringing creativity into the mix as well. A brilliant roleplayer too, with an inspiring variety of characters.~ - Yuka

  • :3 A wonderful, sweet-hearted roleplayer - Yuka

  • Endlessly creative, talented and an entertaining roleplayer to top it all off :3 - Yuka

  • Sumatra (played by Angela)
    Fiercesome, intimidating and OOCly it is always a pleasure to read this character in action. - Yuka

  • Deristrasz (played by IPeeInPools)
    A gorgeously designed character, with a good and complimentary visual design to top it off :) - Yuka

  • Michael Alasdair MacKenzie (played by Phrostphyre)
    Well thought out and well played. Always interesting to rp with :D - Pineapple

  • Girl does her rounds, 'nuff said. Much love, great writer, has no idea precisely -how- great. <3 - -No

  • Dadj Avers (played by f0x1nth3b0x)
    This is one awesome character (then again, it's Foxy's) that I utterly adore. If he's as fun to play as he is fun to play with, it's understandable why Foxy puts so much passion in the character. - SeraphicStar