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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Oh Miss Elle, one of the most enchanting and inspiring people I know. Forever considered Furc royalty (at least to me) she's been around for almost as long as me (maybe longer!). I've known her that whole time as an artist, but she makes it obvious how much she loves her characters. They're so thought out and developed and beautiful... I hope to one day pin her down and just do some good, ol' fashioned roleplay.

    Did I mention she is sweet and incredible and talented?? Yeah, just making sure. - beccathisweek

  • Sapon (played by Blair)
    I have to say I thoroughly agree with Dylan. You can tell through roleplay and research that Sapon has been specifically crafted with a purpose, and he demonstrates it regularly. Professional, and understanding, it is a real treat to catch him free and indulge one's senses. After all, who doesn't love soap? - beccathisweek

  • Kyaria Bastion (played anonymously)
    Incredibly impressive map with an insane amount of work gone into it. Plus, they used some of my old pixel art, so it MUST be good ;) *puffs with pride* - Kim

  • Anria (played by Hinatachi)
    Anria is a soft spirit and a loving person. Great to rp with I am glad that I friended her. Thanks again for letting my character see. - Yuni

  • The one person that has stuck by Lyrium though thick and thin. And the only person she actually calls family! Always enjoy chatting with you or Role-playing and dig those arts and crafts you do! - Suzuan

  • Karmas'ik Isfa Will'isu (played anonymously)
    Karmas is a great friend and fun person to hang out with. Even fun to talk to ooc wise as well as ic. - Yuni

  • This girl right here is an amazing rper! She gives life to her characters and makes you feel as if your actually interacting with them! You've gotta rp with her and if you dont your missing out on alot of awesommess XD - StillDoll

  • She is a great person to RP with, always making sure that your included and never left behind. You'd be missing something awesome if you haven't already experienced her incredible levels of imagination and creativity. - CookieLurv

  • Ok i know i've already given Pengryphon kudos but i have to againXD She is the best rper that i have ever rped with:D She puts so much detail and life into her characters that i feel like im actually there. If you havent rped with her yet you definitly need toXD - StillDoll

  • Anria (played by Hinatachi)
    Anria is such a sweet girl, an From a character point of veiw she's awesome to Rp with, though abit shy. Lovely persona an character over all i give an A++ to Rping an befriending her<3 - Rainman

  • Insane he is but if you have a charcter that is willing to put up with him then i suggest you RP with this guy:D If you understand his insanity, he actually becomes very funnyXD - StillDoll

  • Luxuries (played anonymously)
    Luxuries is everything her name implies. A decadent treat to the senses with grace unparalleled. How can one not love such a feast for the senses? ;) - Valie

  • She is awsome at roleplay, has awsome characters, and is awsome outside of the website. - Inu3026

  • Quickie (played by SanityCatch)
    This sounds like a super entertaining character!! Made me laugh just reading it and thinking about it - TornBySanity

  • Zenith is a wonderful, full heart and amazing personality. The stories, the brain, the fact that brain storming is so much fun. To bouncing off ideas and just general tomfoolery. Seriously get the time to spend some with Zenith! - TheCoffeeWolf

  • Sapon (played by Blair)
    Sapon is a well thought out, delightfully creative character! When I RPed with him on Siena, he knew how to get to the heart of the matter and grab her attention with a sales pitch she had difficulty ignoring.
    They are an excellent roleplayer and I highly suggest roleplaying with them when you have the chance! - Dylan

  • Your creativity is outstanding. - Jane

  • Karmas'ik Isfa Will'isu (played anonymously)
    Karmas'ik Isf Will'isu is a kind person. Willing to make anyone smile and protect anything. He is very caring, touching, lovable, and can make you laugh at times. He is truly a good friend and lovable person. - Hinatachi

  • Sebastian (played by Loki)
    I have been waiting to play with Seb and it's slowly killing me! He's such a well thought out character, wonderfully insecure. I love this page updates! If you get a chance to, you should totally rp with him! - TheLily

  • Fantastic, rich characters and a haunting narrative prose. There are 0 reasons to not RP with Luna, other than if you take away from my RP I'll wear your fking skin - Ulysses