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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Karrin Kosinski (played by Loki)
    I really adore Karrin! Though strong female characters can sometimes feel few and far between, she is well-written, tough when need be but emotional when appropriate. As someone who's incredibly picky about who they'll play with, I love this character, and her player does her absolute justice. I want a best friend like Karrin. - Aces

  • Pen is one of the most amazing roleplayers I have ever met. Not only is she talented in creating interesting and diverse characters, she's incredibly friendly and sweet. She's exactly the kind of person RPR needs. I love RPing with her, and I'm sure everyone else will too. It's rare to meet a person who posts to frequently Kudos to you, my friend. Stay awesome! - Pirate

  • A wonderful women, though i havent truly spoken to her, ive been watching from afar. Talented with amazing characters to boot! Give her some love, people <3 - Clipped

  • Becca is the most sweetest person you'll ever get to know. She doesn't have a bad bone in her body! She is kind and considerate of others, always having something nice to say and able to cheer you up no problem. I missed her and I am glad to see her back! - Dylan

  • Dawn of Deceit (played anonymously)
    A picturesque women that knows no bounds, fun to drink with on top of having amazing hair, two words: love her. <3 - Clipped

  • A women, who delights oocly and has some of the most well thought out characters i have seen thus far. I pray for more rp in the future - Clipped

  • A person who has an addictive personality, deals with my silly nature and above all else a wonderful writer and inspirer; someone worthy or respect and a good friend. <3 - Clipped

  • A wonderful creator of the arts, teasingly profound and dangerously fun to rp with <3 - Clipped

  • Suha (played anonymously)
    A star roleplayer, you'd be daft not to ask to play with her. Brilliantly creative, taking care in research and knowledge involved in the character. Anyone can respect and admire that. Don't be intimidated, get to know this amazing lady. - Mermaid

  • Wyat (played anonymously)
    Not only an amazing character, but an amazing player behind the character. Such a pleasure and a treat to torment. Guaranteed enjoyment out of rp with Wyat. - Valie

  • <3 This man is the best of the best! I don't know what else to say about Shaun outside of the fact that we've been friends for a few years. He's an amazing artist and creates some pretty awesome websites! - Dylan

  • I think your characters are thoughtfully balanced and original, I'd love to RP with them sometime! - Septima

  • As a rather ugly, slightly cripple and grumpy bastard Bender is a refreshing and fun character to interact with.

    The character is amazingly balanced and while he has cool abilities he also has a good personality and limitations to go along with it, as such Bender can make any story more interesting. - XinonHyena

  • A charming and funloving swordsman with a love for Tabasco sauce, Arien is a great and awesome character to interact with. His limited ability to teleport is useful in a fight abdhas a good amount of limitations to balance him out perfectly, and it always an exciting event to see him in a battle.

    Outside of that Arien is adventurous and makes for a fantastic companion on any quest one could imagine. - XinonHyena

  • Kurosaki is a very fun girl to RP with. She has amazing talent in comparison to some "anonymous" users here and she is more than worth it to RP with :) - EonRising

  • Zev (played by Rubix)
    I love this unicorn, he is so much fun to play with! He's very young, which leads to some amusing situations! - Loki

  • Wizard is a magnificent person I've known going on years. While our friendship has had ups and downs (most of them my fault), Wizard is one of the best people to befriend and possibly one of my favorite e-buddies. He's fun, funny, random, and deeply intellectual under the guise of a manchild. As a roleplayer there are very few other people who have thought out magic and general character traits in such a way that inspired me to completely rethink my own outlook on certain aspects of roleplay. - SoggyHorsefly

  • Nary a moment is wasted or dull with Dylan, be it IC or OOC. She's dedicated to her craft in RP, diligent even in minor personality traits not solely mentioned on a site, but evinced and constant. Always a pleasure to RP with. - Blair

  • Don't believe this woman for a second. She'd lead you to believe roleplaying with her will be arduous and frustrating, and it's anything but. A positive delight. - Blair

  • Oh Miss Elle, one of the most enchanting and inspiring people I know. Forever considered Furc royalty (at least to me) she's been around for almost as long as me (maybe longer!). I've known her that whole time as an artist, but she makes it obvious how much she loves her characters. They're so thought out and developed and beautiful... I hope to one day pin her down and just do some good, ol' fashioned roleplay.

    Did I mention she is sweet and incredible and talented?? Yeah, just making sure. - beccathisweek