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A Look Back at 2019

Posted by Kim on December 31, 2019, 1:00am

2019-old.png2019 was a bizarre year for the RPR! For the first time, updates and even bug fixes were put on hold for almost the entirety of the year as a completely rebuilt version was prepared.

As a community, we raised $13,000 in a digital "bake sale" to fund the final push to get this new RPR finished and out.

And then just a few weeks ago, we made our wild, audacious transition to this new version of the site -- which in so many ways is exactly like the old one, but in hundreds of other ways, literally too many for me to list, is drastically improved. Bugs that had been with us for up to six years vanished overnight. Features that had been requested for close to a decade finally became possible. And of course, we gained a whole host of new bugs that you've all been helping me to squash at a speedy clip! ;)

We saw an old moderator retire, and six new moderators join the team.

During Epic Week, we battled strange robotic guardians and explored a mysterious, high-tech labyrinth, and discovered some kind of augmentation to our portal device. Perhaps we'll have figured out how to use it when our 10th birthday and subsequent birthday adventure rolls around? ;)

We gained a new group of genre-jumbled guardians for our front page, due to the efforts of dozens of artist


All in all, I think this is one of my proudest years on the RPR so far. You've shown me once again what a strong, incredible community you are, and I look forward to another decade of fun with all of you!
What are YOUR proudest moments of 2019? Tell us in the comments :)



January 13, 2020

It was a great year. I took part in epic week. It had its ups and downs. But I can created some memorable characters that are some of my most popular.


January 2, 2020

First off, let me just say, thank you Kim for creating such an amazing website and an even more amazing community.

I guess my proudest moments in 2019 was that I found and joined the wonderful community on this website and that I've managed to befriend some of its members.

Here's to hoping that 2020 will be an even better year!


January 1, 2020

Thanks for all your efforts, Kim. Here's to a great 2020!

My proudest moment was finding a new group of awesome friends and roleplayers to belong to. It's been amazing so far and I look forward to seeing where it leads!


December 31, 2019

The beginning of my 2019 didn't start out too hot, but over the year I've steadily become so much more happier and healthier! I've definitely accomplished a lot this year, and it's inspiring to witness some of the places I frequent regularly, like RPR, thrive and flourish in the same way! I'm very excited to be here for RPR 2.0 and enjoy the hard work Kim has put forth for her community!

I'm feeling much better about 2020, and much more ambitious. I have great surroundings, supportive people and communities I've right here on RPR to thank for that! I think my proudest moment was being ahead financially a couple times this year, very difficult for a freelance artist like me to achieve when I'm living solo with three dogs. ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years!


December 31, 2019

What a phenomenal year it has been for our wonderful community! I have been so very blessed to join the moderator team, and have been afforded many wonderful opportunities meeting many of the incredible members that make us great!

I know we will take this awesome energy into 2020, and we will continue working hard to make this the best little home on the internet!

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do, Kim. And thank you to everyone for making it easy to love what I do! Here’s to 2020. ❤️


December 31, 2019

First of all, I think I speak for many when I say that we are very proud of you Kim! Your hard work and sacrafice to bring us the most wonderful playground on the interwebz is stellar to say the least. It is so wonderful to see a site admin so passionate for their beautiful creation!

As for me and 2019 on RP Repository, it was filled with ups and downs. The best ups were meeting such great writers to craft stories with here. I would have never met any of them had I not ventured into this city in 2018.

The Proudest Moment on RP Repository would be the amount of start-to-finish RPs one of my characters had this year! Another would be when another character got to meet his daughter for the first time!

As for 2019 in life, it was a year of changes. A big interstate move followed by a bit of a rough settling in to life in a new city and new job had things really tense. My job transfer didn't work out so well as the high strung enviroment was quite a bit different from the easy-going enviroment of my old position. A big thank you to my friends here on RPR for all their support and kind words through the year! I would say my proudest moment in life was to see my lovely wife actually happy with her new job we relocated for. She has had a lot of average to really crappy jobs over the last several years, and it means the world to me to see her happy and getting back to doing what she loves (dance) and not being worn down by a terrible work enviroment!

Looking forward, 2020 brings new challenges, and I feel I'm in a really good place to meet them head on. Happy New Year!


December 31, 2019

Kim, thank you so much for your year of hard work...especially with launching 2.0 and the ongoing Battle of DeBuggery.

I have so many proud moments for 2019 regarding my life in general, but halfway through the year, I decided to join RPR (even though Kruhee had told me about the site so many times before). I'm really glad I did. It's changed my perspective on a lot of things, but mostly helped to heal old traumas regarding RP sites. I've never seen someone more dedicated to a site than Kim. I keep saying this because it's so amazing to me, but the mod staff is so crazy nice and supportive and really are there for people when needed. I've never experienced anything like this before RPR. Making so many new friends goes without saying. <3

Cheers, everyone, to a wonderful 2020 and thousands of reasons to smile in the new year!


December 31, 2019

Making it to one year on this website and helping out in the bake sale.


December 31, 2019

Finding community within a community was definitely a big plus for me! The amazing groups on here and the people in them have honestly been a huge life line for me and I love that you built somewhere for us to thrive. Thanks so much!


December 31, 2019

Proudest Moment?

Being part of the best RP community ever <3


December 31, 2019

Proudest moment was definitely making my own group and watch it slowly grow as well as the flickering of the small community that grew into a wonderful vamily. RPR is definitely the best roleplaying platform out there and I couldn't be happier that I found myself a spot here where I feel right at home <3


December 31, 2019

I joined back in December 19th 2013, but this was the year I stopped using it as a profile host for my characters for RP elsewhere and explored the site for all that it could bring. I joined Groups, put out adds... and through my interaction on the site I caught the character bug and went from having 5 characters to having 23... some have brought me SO much joy as my new favorites and so much joy seeing my partners entertained.


December 31, 2019

Actually, I joined before that.

But, still had a great time this year, nonetheless.


December 31, 2019

I also joined, I think. But I know I met a lot of partners, made a lot of RPs, and had quite a great time


December 31, 2019

I joined