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Server is Feeling Better, Thanks <3

Sorry for the chaos tonight folks!

We had what should have been a pretty minor crash, except for two problems:

1) I was many hours away from home when it happened, and
2) Our hosting service experienced their own issues within about 20 minutes of OUR crash happening, which prevented either me or them from doing the what should have been a very minor fix that was needed.

Some hours later, they managed to sort their issues out, and I came speeding back to run repairs as soon as it was possible.

I think everything should be up and working normally again. There does not appear to have been any data loss. :)

Thank you so much for your kind support during the outage and your wondrous patience! This community never fails to impress the heck out of me. You've drastically lessened the stress of tonight with your sweetness.

I've extended Epic Membership benefits by 24 hours, to make up for any lost subscription time. :)

Community Feedback

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  • PenguinColada

    October 22nd 2019


    As a former IT person, all I have for you is sympathy and respect. Because... oof.

    Great work. <3
  • LakotaSiouxWarrior

    October 22nd 2019


    Kim you're the greatest. You are the computer genius/goddess.
  • UltraNecroziumZ

    October 22nd 2019


    Thanks for fixing the problem! I was worried about the site
  • KansasVenomoth

    October 22nd 2019


    You're amazing, Kim! Thanks!
  • shadeslayer45

    October 22nd 2019


    when this site went down i had a literal panic attack glad everything is back up and running thanks for all your work kim!!!!
  • Aveilthe

    October 22nd 2019


    You are the bee's knees, Kim! I'm relieved to hear that nothing serious resulted from this. :)
  • Juls

    October 22nd 2019


    @Sanne, that did the trick! Thanks!
  • Shadow-Ranger

    October 22nd 2019


    This scared me when I tried getting on and got a 'data error crash' and some random characters. It had shades of December 6 2018 around it. Fortunately it appears nothing was lost this time. Good work Kim! :)

    ... heads off to back up all my PM RPs and save updated character sheets....
  • StaticNightmares

    October 22nd 2019


    I missed this completely but <3
  • BrandyCat

    October 22nd 2019


    It just needed a nap and a band-aid. Glad to hear all is well! Thank you for all your hard work, Kim. <3
  • Sanne

    October 22nd 2019


    Thanks for your hard work Kim!

    @Juls: I can't say for sure this will fix it, but does that still happen if you clear your notifications cache? (Link for that is on the bottom right of the sidebar on the home page)
  • Hadeslicious

    October 22nd 2019


  • Princessbarb21

    October 22nd 2019


    Great! Thanks Kim!
  • RenjiSama

    October 22nd 2019


    I'm so thankful for this site and great community.
    I appreciate all your passion and dedication to RPR. The site is running beautifully now, thank you for fixing it. ^^
  • Optimusprimal99

    October 21st 2019


    Thank you so much for getting the RpR back on.miss kim. 😃 ❤

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