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Gorgutz (played anonymously)

"Therez way too much kizzin in 'ere and not enuff fightin'!! WAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGH!!!

Gorgutz hits Flux with his klaw.
"vellllen you seemmen likenn somennone who vouldlden killllen me on der spotten. So..." Stridsvagn 103 blasts Gorgutz with a dummy tank shell.
Alwina Coldwill (played by Thatnerdychick)

Sicher warum nicht? Ich bin auch Deutscher.
“I apologize for this, but I have no other choice.” A kiss on the check, cause Bismarck isn’t entirely mean.
"woo boy there's just no winning for me so uh i'ma just" he lightly jabs bismarck in the arm and then flees for his life HIT
Mixie (played by GingerHades)

"Trust me, there'll still be no winnin' for ya when I'm done with you! Hahahahaha!"

Mixie chases after the fleeing Shade Waker in order to kill.
Joshu would cower as he watches Mixie chase the young man. "Take this to go!" He would jump out and peck her quickly on the cheek. He then dashes away, this being his first kiss.

"Um, I don't know you so..." She tapped him and walked away. Hit
Chromie (played anonymously)

“Hm.. I feel like I haven’t kissed anyone in a long time. Maybe it’s just me but..”

Storm (played by Rayne_Storm)

"Mmm.. well, I am quite hungry sooo..."

“I’ve got nothing against you, but in order to keep my anonymity…” King Crimson would appear at his side and go for the kill.
Nightwolf (played anonymously)

"Your path ends here, villain!"


Turkey (played by Leighoflight)

“This hunter. We like. Kills monsters. If kills undead. Acceptable.” The vulture lightly slaps him with one wing before skipping away.
Eren Yeager (played by starwolf)

“I can’t date you since my boyfriend will be mad and we’ll he has a short temper so I’ll kill you but in my titan form so you can’t touch me”
Akumu Xander (played by satans_child)

The female blankly stared at Eren, then slapped them across the face " your face is so very slapable. you should get that fixed." she walked away, pride in her steps

He raises a brow, but then proceeds to slug the woman in the arm. “I can’t stand people like you, standing over so-called “weak”.” Hit
She tapped him on the arms with quite a bit of force, "Hey man, that may be so but you should let people stand up for them selves. Else they will never learn." Hit
Ace Willams (played by satans_child)

" i.. don't want to be rude... " The tall male looked to the ground before pecking Kathrine on the cheek lightly, then turning away, kind of flustered by his action and covering his face with his hands

Gorgutz (played anonymously)

“Oi! Iz this where tha fightin’ iz!!??”

Gorgutz punches Ace in the face for no particular reason. Hit
Storm (played by Rayne_Storm)

"Well, that was pretty rude of you to hit that cutie and I am really hungry sooo" Kill

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