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AFarmMelody Female Large Playful-puppylike Shire


Anonymous Male


Anonymous Cisgender Female


killedtheradio Transgender Male Foda-se.


GarnaalProductions Gender Nonconforming A larger-than-life Ferae circus ringmaster with a dubiously violent past

Sprite Cinders

GarnaalProductions Female A foolhardy Therion with a nose for adventure and lollygagging


Anonymous Female Dragon soul!

Mister Hearst

Anonymous Cisgender Male Just a gentleman hyena who works at a library and has a big heart.

Anthony Bridges

Karznikov Male "To defeat bugs, you must become a bug."

Cameron Kimmles

Anonymous Male


Anonymous Female

The Revenant

Seven_of_Beasts Male Antiquated. Tireless. Ravenous.

Gon Freecss

Foxfarer Cisgender Male

Vigilius Ducas

maxd234 Male A bard with a replacement head

Nyx Bloodstrode

Anonymous Cisgender Female "Time is like a river that splits into creeks, or pools into lakes, I have the map, and I steer the ship."


Mayve Other


Anonymous Male Though the afterlife rang, he did not answer. Though his family mourned he did not comfort them. He fled and lost himself in his own selfish grief. A charming phantom of by gone era, lost in memories.


Anonymous Male A photographer by trade, with some side-enterprises…

Silja Fenren

DarkonDreams Female Undead mercenary sorceress seeking profit and freedom

Umiko Miura

coralfall Demiboy A half selkie trying to find his mother.

Jacob 'Jake' Holloway

Hurricane516 Cisgender Male The new squad leader of a group known as the Hurricane Squad who gets caught in a web of conspiracy.

Willow Turing

WeepingWillowva Female A young girl whos fallen into a world of digital monsters.

Tyler Hellburn

SillySpider Cisgender Male A calculated killer