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Bananasaurus Male [Inactive]

Ruby Kaufman

XrosHeartless Transgender Female An modern day witch for hire

Leonard Christian Ryder

Valkyrix Male Soldier of war, turned enforcer of law.

Rhydian Blackfyre

Anonymous Cisgender Male Even the Warlord Prince of Darkness must pay a blood price.

Laena X Roydon

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Luke Veturius

Anonymous Cisgender Male

Onóra Tobin

Hireath Cisgender Female

Gavriil Rodion Starkov

Anonymous Cisgender Male The Shadow Summoner

Aeron X Lothar

Anonymous Male


Anonymous Male

Irina Nadyenka Morozova

Anonymous Female The Heartrender

Kheelan Llewellyn

Anonymous Male The Wolf of the North

Ahlam Valaide

Anonymous Male "You are such young fragile thing"


Anonymous Gender Nonconforming

Lord M Chrome

Star-God-Erebus Male Warforged Cyborg who takes it day by day.


Anonymous Agender

Nicole-Violet Lamont

sapphicgiallo Cisgender Female “Screw all of this.”

Nereza Mancini

Anonymous Female WIP

Carlo Manelli

sapphicgiallo Cisgender Man “My past makes me who I am.”


Carnconnor Male Caused the loss of all he knew because of his own dark excess, now that is all he has, unless someone can temper him...

Captain Marvel

Ultra-Knight Cisgender Man "If a Superhero can't save his family, he's not much of a hero."