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Nina Phelps

Dawnia Cisgender Woman A Forty year old Married Woman ...


Anonymous Cisgender Female


Rigby Cisgender Man I won't look too far ahead, it's too much for me to take. But break it down to this next breath, this next step; this next choice is one that I can make.

Raali Fleischer

Rigby Gender Fluid although what you are about to see is a work of fiction, it should nevertheless be read at maximum volume.


Anonymous Female

Hyrule Characters


W - Sarkaz Mercenary

Sabaton_AllTheWay Female “ Just gotta kill them all to finish the job, right? Don't think in such simple terms? But that's a pain in the ass...”


Anonymous Male Seeker of purpose


VoshViet Female Blind girl, with 'sight' in another world.


Anonymous Male


Anonymous Cisgender Female I can be a better you


Kim Female Sinister rumors conflict with the officially sterling reputation of this rising human noble.

Bavmorda Avorosoa

Anonymous Female A witches seeking gold and profit.


Puffu Cisgender Male Demon fox boy looking for an adventure.

Miryu Sasayaku

Anonymous Female "The Girl who can Talk to Dragons"


GlassJungle Cisgender Male "Haven't I always been a loyal warrior, living my life by the code and leading my Clan accordingly?"

Ana Nowell

LowRezCrab Female An angel living life as a human

Lacrima Balaur

Queen_Knight Female Girl who's life was taken away trying to live again

Karl Rask

BoopDoot Male Ex-gangbanger, forever a chromehead


Anonymous Female


GorktheGiant Male A lizardman marksman who calls the shadows his greatest weapon.

Seth Tagger

ChaoticHazard Male "Would anyone love a freak like me?"

Mari Kanilaka

Mirann Gender Fluid A person who lost father and now is ready to protect own country to not let that happen to anyone else

Clint Campbell

salty_the_great Cisgender Male A blacksmith who was exiled from his home, only to come across a mentor to teach him the art of enchanting weapons.