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Khlari M'insi

AttentiveApple Male A nomadic recon specialist under the jurisdiction of a explorative spacefaring company.

Valkas Rune Carver

Anonymous Male A barbarian who craves combat. Using his special giant magics he uses to slay his foes along with a brutal savagery


Tor-Nithal Male An eldest son of a divine feline empire who wields fire magic

Kotaro Sheika

YinYang_Creator Gender Fluid “When I walk in, nobody else but me walks back out.”


Anonymous Other A towering mountain obscured in thick earthen cloak and wide brimmed hat. "Your skin yearns to speak. Come, let us give it a voice."

Vivoch Springsong

taciturncircus Transgender Man A Bard that fled from Shadowfell. Has seen the worst of everything, yet adventures to find good and see what there is to see.


Ollie Male "It'll all work out, I'm sure of it!"


Ollie Cisgender Man "Don't worry, man. I'll protect you."

Elias Behringer

kkateequ Cisgender Man How can someone who saved so many...take just as many lives for his own twisted pleasure?

Ronce Wolfsnarl

masternest Male A rambunctious warrior with a heart of gold looking to make a name for himself


boringorwat Unknown


GarnaalProductions Female [NON-GARNVERSE] An iron-masked survivor of a parasite-riddled world, who’s equal parts hardy badass and socially awkward dork


DetectiveShuichi Cisgender Male

Sullivan Manx

Anonymous Male I will knock your teeth so far down your throat youll have bite marks on your @$$hole!

Shujin Murakabe

PainterFight Cisgender Man A prideful man who eccentricly draws attention at unsuspecting people.


killedtheradio Male *finger guns*

Bailey Palmer

GingerHades Female "Hahaha! You should've seen the look on your face!"