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bloodrush Cisgender Woman


Pomme Female Daughter of the Empire's most powerful Ambassador

Natasha Rialcau

Falyn Female A down on her luck journalist who often stumbles onto trouble.


Greyson_Howler Male (Major Vice Alpha of Midnight Clan) (Member of the League of Legends) (Member of the Neon Knives) (Four-Hour-War Veteran)


HerbalJabbage Non-binary

Shanni Auclair

Falyn Female Death is easy, truly living is the hard part.

Fallon Grey

Falyn Female Chaos mage and gunslinger in the Secret World.


Rubix Male Wearing an angel of the lord never looked so good.

Nicholas Hyde

VoidedCharisma Male The Mysterious Mr. Mystery, a magician of little renowned m, but secretly moonlights as a sterling vigilante named The Ace of Spades. With his magic hat and cards you better be prepared for theatrics


Cami Male

Moe Crockett

Kotomi657 Androgynous The kind yet naive Angel.

Turullia E. Collins

Kotomi657 Female The Young Environmentalist

Hazel Rin

Rocky Female


VoidedCharisma Gender Fluid This lovable fox spirit has a single goal in mind. Find their Star ball, but they’ll help out whom they can along the way. Be warned though, a fox spirit can be a hindrance as well as helpful

Uri-taell tu Asakuru Arachnael

Anonymous Female "The world is so out-of-order and full of imbeciles..."


Anonymous Female

Nathaniel Boerzhijin

-WiiX- Male the isolated treasure

Ciel Durand

Falyn Female Walking between two worlds, both visible and hidden.

Neon Fujimori

Anonymous Male A puerile young man obsessed with all things shiny.

Naia Dunbar

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Mavis Valencia Young

NedeMette Female the traumatized girl


Anonymous Cisgender Male