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Grem and Casper

Kreptad Unknown A runaway from a distant world and his human partner take on both the strange and unusual, and everyday life.


Kreptad Male Death is powerless against you if you leave a legacy of good behind.

Alyson Walker

Kreptad Female Inn Keeper, world walker, mother of dragons... just one, actually. She dated one too! Mean left frying pan.

Krepta Draconis

Kreptad Female A formidable dragon of a woman, no matter what her form.


Anonymous Female

Isaac Galloway

Anonymous Male


Anonymous Other

Genesis - Renegade SOLDIER

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Male From grandeur to pain.

Mimi - Protective Soul

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Female Do not cross this girl, especially by messing with HER Totori!

Spiritus - God of Magic

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Male Gala unit - A god in constant conflict.

Gladiolus - Crown Shield

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Male Do not fish near this guy!

Rosa - Queen of a Distant Land

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Female Did we see her in a distant land before?

Minfilia - Light Memory

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Female Witness of the Rebirth of a Realm

Alm - Saint-King

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Male From Valentia comes a Legend!

Null - Angelic Disaster

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Female A tragic destroyer

Shirou Emiya - Wayward One

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Male Error! Data corrupted.

Rin Tohsaka - Master Maid

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Female Maid repaying a certain someone.

Tiki - New Age Dragon Blade

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Female Asuna’s second Blade.

Sakaki Koujirou - Assassin

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Male No escape from crossing fate!

Asuna - Flash Integrator

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Female Face her if you dare, but know her speed.

Zero - The Zero Point Avatar

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Female All the power comes from here.

Araya - Seraphic Remnant

Xenoworlds_BEYOND Female Her appearance was unplanned


Dallasmacarthy Agender The Seeker

Vincent Albion

Anonymous Male


Gelu Male