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Rinny_Howler Female A mage possessed, but still human deep down.

Melissa Blackrose

Iamblackrosee Female "Hey, I know I'm a cat, but I don't have to act like one."

Valerie Ravn

Siduri Female If someone acts a lot like a crow, they might be a crow. One that eats hearts, at that.


uhh Male


uhh Male


Anonymous Female

Nakida Woodwalker

HadesTheGinger Female A druid that's driven to explore the world around her... as well as rid it of evil.


Anonymous Female


Sculpture Female Silence is golden. And duck tape is silver.


Anonymous Agender The seventh human.

Lily Amelia Bishop

Anonymous Cisgender Female


Anonymous Female

The Shadow

LotusFlower Female Deadly assassin ready to take anyone down

Astrid Holmberg

Anonymous Female Just a Woman

Alex Haus

Anonymous Cisgender Male A prodigal son of a wealthy family, now living life on the streets doing odd jobs for money.

Jessica Greer

Anonymous Female A Starving Musician

Erica Norvik

Anonymous Female I'm a rural girl having moved to California to pursue my musical dream.

Rebecca Savage

Anonymous Female Rock on gold dust woman... Take your Silver Spoon Dig your Grave...

Darrell Sanders

Rogue-Scribe Male The new album is out and selling well. Outskirts’s short tour of small clubs along the west coast was quite successful and five bigger shows are now booked.

Naomi Madeline Alcott

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Segan Dotsk

Pinata Gender Fluid what do you mean i shouldn't sabotage all the good things in my life? what am i supposed to do with them?

Goddess Of Protection

Anonymous Female

Mason Redd

Sculpture Female Bitter werecat with almost no social skills.


Twilit Female What is done out of love is beyond Good and Evil