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Lord Ecru

Anonymous Male It's so much pleasing to live and die than to live and watch everything you created die.

Ranpu Ankahtia

Anonymous Female A wilted desert lilly

Angel of Light

Icysoul Gender Nonconforming "Mortals confuse me. Care to help me?"

Clay Hawthorne

Icysoul Male "Why do I do anything? Boredom."

Blue Noah Hikaru

Icysoul Male "Respect me, and we might get along."


oldmusic Cisgender Female The world is a stage! And the stage is a world of entertainment!.



Nia - Wages for the Unwilling

Xpoint_MetaPulse Female A job she doesn’t wanna do. A price she isn’t a fan of. If she can mask up, so can you.

Casey Valentine

KatieKat96 Gender Fluid Shoot an arrow right in the forehead, make 'em look like a unicorn!

Eric Gwàiwù

Dib2435 Male " People think that Monsters will even flight or kill. My job is killing the ones that will kill "

Michaella Kassandra

KatieKat96 Transgender Female Tell me, love, how can I make this universe more... pleasing?

Jessica Valentine

KatieKat96 Female Ready or not...


Anonymous Male Navigator in the Mariner's Guild of Gondor


Anonymous Male Dúnedain Ranger of the North


Anonymous Female Lady of Cardolan


Anonymous Male One of the Thirty Rangers that Rode South to Meet Aragorn.


Anonymous Female Daughter of Halasian and sister of Hanasian


Anonymous Female Maiden of Rohan


Anonymous Male A morally grey Dunedain Ranger


Anonymous Male One of the Thirty Dúnedain Rangers who answered the call by Halbarad and came to the aid of Aragorn in the South.


Anonymous Female • Of Rhudaurian-Dunedain descent of old. Alleged bloodline to Prince Daúremir, 3rd son of King Earendur of Arnor and 1st King of Rhuadur. •


Anonymous Female Daughter of Khemel of the Khe’al Clan of Khand


Anonymous Male Citizen Soldier of Rohan


Anonymous Male Soldier of Harad


Anonymous Male Infantry Soldier of Dunland