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Víðarr Helström

xedite Male Famed, legendary swordsmaster and small town adventurer hero granted a new life as an angel of fates


Anonymous Cisgender Female

Ramiel Mendrion

xedite Male Kindly angelic servant sworn to protect others, regardless of cost. Seems to have met with a terrible fate.

Rajesh Pandey

satyricalfaun Cisgender Male the lonesome king ;

Noel Bellagamba

Anonymous Male A sadistic (but adorable) eldritch abomination aiming to corrupt, consume, and tear limb from limb

Jessie Levinson

MacieLightfoot Female The Emancipated sister of Lisa Lightfoot's Ex-boyfriend.


Queen_Knight Female Dragon trying to make a living in modern day

Neera Morgane

Anonymous Female


CrystalDisc Female 🧭 The navigator who searches stars.

Ari Estelle

Murkysoulwaters Male Who wouldn't want to be a vampire?!


Anonymous Female

Lt Donna Nickers

Anonymous Female Security Officer aboard the USS Kwajalein.

Radomir Zelastre

satyricalfaun Cisgender Male an odd-mannered undertaker ;

Beryth Draghici

satyricalfaun Cisgender Male the croaking raven doth bellow for revenge ;


Anonymous Cisgender Female

Perl Datura

Anonymous Genderqueer


WinterBlackDraoi Androgynous Ssussun pholor dos!


DeathandtheMaiden Cisgender Female


Anonymous Male Hell, I'm going to die anyway...


Lunarthewolf Male A police officer wielding high tech armor

Teki The Fox

Moving_Wine_Addicted Non-binary Multi-worldly pirate fox


Anonymous Male


WinterBlackDraoi Male Now, what would you have me do to you?

Gemma Sinclair

Anonymous Cisgender Female