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Anonymous Cisgender Female


Anonymous Male


Anonymous Cisgender Female


Anonymous Male Despite appearances, a very friendly and down to earth guy that's oblivious to the supernatural world.

Niamh Kelly

Ramika Female The Damaged Psychiatrist


Prince_Jin Cisgender Female

City Hunter

Ragna Male "Alright guys, this is a blues riff in 6, watch me for the changes, and uh...try to keep up, okay?"


KatayokuNoTenshiVII Female "My will is strong."

A Beast of the North

Anonymous Male A Viking kept alive... by the wills of ancient evils

Beloved of Auri-El

Anonymous Male Hail to the Imperator of the Third Aldmeri Empire, Champion of Merkind!


GrandFinale Agender All things material and immaterial forfeit to the ravaging dark.

Pacifica Crucis

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Jessica Rivera

Anonymous Female "Hi everyone! If you would like to RP with me, please PM me! You can read my profile for my RP preferences and to learn more about my life. "

Jenna Lea Madison

Anonymous Female Teenage Single Mother

Jessica Saraiva

Anonymous Female A teen party queen of the highest order. She has graduated high school and is off to the University of Chicago.

Caitlyn Qin VanHausen

Anonymous Female Professional Escort ~ Call Girl

Melissa Nicole Washington

Anonymous Female A Small Business Owner and Exotic Dancer

The Lark

Eniiko Female


Anonymous Male

Adrion Nichoelos-Nisutki

AmberShades Male "Coffee? It's A Need, Not A Want."

Marcellus Rosslin

Anonymous Cisgender Male

Detective Clégg

Petrovalyc Male "Put that peashooter away doll, you're gonna' hurt my feelings."

Aurora Balioll

Animewithin Female You can learn a lot from books. Here try this one!