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Lhisea Female

Aisling Cuinneagan

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Gara Ubnara

Vanator Female I am a stranger in two worlds, but the earth knows me.

Nayte Romilly

coffeebreak Cisgender Female

Dr. Fukuro

Ivyking214 Male A brilliant roboticist and total grouch

Kreed Krofton

Anonymous Male A biomedical scientist with the intention to become the world's hero by any means necessary.


Alix_Frogs Gender Fluid An elven person who likes to explore forests.

Isabelle Perry

Anonymous Hermaphrodite

Armond Giovanni

Vanator Male A half-breed with a particular skillset and a charming smile.


Ivyking214 Female A hippie hearted mercenary

Riley Ravenscroft

Weeping_Willow Female A girl accustomed to a dark rabbithole tries to find happiness in the world.


Narta Male


Anonymous Cisgender Male


Anonymous Male

Vedette Archambeau

Anonymous Female "The Unwanted Princess of Eliphis"


hexblading Cisgender Female Negotiator, diplomat, spymistress.

Tori Sheika

SoulHeart57 Gender Fluid “When I walk in, nobody else but me walks back out.”

Carmine Whesler

Anonymous Female A ghoul, fighting to survive in a dark world. Though she holds out hope for a brighter future

Mahoukishi Sisterhood

Anonymous Female


thehuntbeginsx Male A Yautja on the quest for vengeance.

Fate of All

Section Unknown A profile containing all the world-building and lore around Haycleon


Anonymous Female OOC

Linda Tran

BloodLightning74 Female Expectant Mother taking it one day at a time.


Anonymous Cisgender Male


killedtheradio Transgender Male What the hell do you want?


GingerHades Male "I'm not trapped here with the giants! Oh, no no no, they're all trapped here with ME!"