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Leif Jørgensen

Anonymous Male

Kiera Breoslaigh

Anonymous Female The Ridley Bard with a heart of gold

Rhys Aktanas Mzloebe

Demilicious Male "Your statement, though viable, relies on my caring about it. Shame you thought so highly of me."

The World Of Ayvenfael

FeatheredFantasy A young world full of magic, conflict, and strife.

Nintendo OCs

ConnanBell Male For those who want a romp in the Nintendo worlds, these fellas are just what you need!


Anonymous Male


Ghostiel Male

Nox L. Scelus

Tap Female An Immortal Underground "Business" Women With Very Little Patients.


RoseyProsey Female I've got too many fools to prove wrong to give up

Noah Boon

Anonymous Male The man with a silent voice who saw the colors behind the veil

Ralos Sax

Anonymous Male A hunter in the night who tends to his flock of humanity with lustful gluttony. None pick for slaughter escape him.


Anonymous Female

Feudal Apocalypse

Anonymous Female

Francesca Chapelle

Queen_of_Hell Female F- a princess, I'm a king; bow down and kiss on my ring; it's gonna hurt - it'll sting, spitting your blood in the sink


Anonymous Cisgender Man A big ol' bag o' jerk.


Anonymous Female


Javan Female

Silence Messiah

Anonymous Female


Flareanthia A opportunistic human with the ability to control fire, who could befriend a lowlife like Skuz?