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Anonymous Female

Luke and Dayon

Anonymous Cisgender Male Two young men looking to explore their own personal horizons, and the community around them


Anonymous Female The Green Knight

Rowan Cathel McClair

Anonymous Cisgender Male

Nancy Tallulah Alice Zsereda

Jondrette-Girl Female Ukrainian Sex Worker trying to catch a break, pull herself out of the bottom of society, find hope where there's none and make the best of a bad situation.

Sato Amano

Sammie-sensei Male "Your safe with me."

Zelphy Bravestar

Zelphy Female Hand over those fleshy things and maybe I may not eat you...

Mesyn, lady of the mist

Anonymous Female A beast of legend


Anonymous Male

Fawn Leonore Davenport

Anonymous Female

Jocelyn Jaca Everblade

SpiritHero Female "Call me pretty, but I'm still a monster!"


Gwendolyne Cisgender Woman


Anonymous Demigirl Apprentice mentor! Of... something—

Althaia Hawthorn

Lumaslily Female A devoted woman that works tirelessly to fix broken hearts.


LunarValravn Female A dragon goddess who hides many secrets behind a veil of storms.

Xaria Li

Yohanon Female A feline android displaced from time and space


Anonymous Female


Pinkglow Female

Ivalor Dotsk

Pinata Androgynous in my defense, i was left unsupervised.

Tiffany Lynn Maine-Wilkinson

Anonymous Female

Valeria Vazquez

Twenty3 Cisgender Female

Liberty Atterton

Twenty3 Cisgender Female