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Nadia Zisturi

Anonymous Female A violent, sensual demon


Anonymous Female "A neko girl who's on the run"

Elian Marinus Roydon

Anonymous Cisgender Male

Stray Dog

Anonymous Gender Fluid "I ain't listening to a guy that thinks parkour is a fighting style!"

Galina Jane Carmichael

Anonymous Cisgender Female


Anonymous Cisgender Woman

Deliciously Indulgent Inc.

Anonymous Neither A Series of adult entertainment companies in a world where humans, monsters, and anthros live in unison. Please send your applications directly or leave them in our guestbook


SuperDad Male

Goddess Sophia

Princess_Lizard Female A self-aware AI goddess in a virtual world that is more than just a game.

Vedette Archambeau

Anonymous Female "The Unwanted Princess of Eliphis"


Anonymous Demigirl "I'm a city elf, any other type of elf is just kidding themselves."


Anonymous Male "You have to be realistic about these things..."

Andaran Firetree

Anonymous Male "Combat is the ultimate test of Strength, Courage and Skill!"


Anonymous Cisgender Female


Anonymous Male


Treel Male An Adventurous Alchemist

Myla Rithorn

Dantelli Gender Fluid


hexblading Cisgender Woman "We're all going to die! Might as well die doing what we love!"

Calandra of Aderyn

Anonymous Female "The Princess of Aderyn"


Anonymous Put your hands on me and let me take you home.


Anonymous Male

Chaos Bloodstone

SweetTyranny Male "I'd rather burn out, than fade away..."


Anonymous Female

Creepypasta Creeps

Anonymous Gender Variant Profile picture belongs to Lyra736!

Ofelia Wilder

CaffeineGremlin Female Bruh girl who has a thing for energy drinks and somehow always ends up doing something Illegal