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Satori Shimida

YinYang_Creator Female “Im a Kitsune, so that’s why I’m better than you.”

Drakaena Blackthorn

Silverymage Female The Queen of Thorns and Roses.


Anonymous Male


Anonymous Cisgender Woman Open to Modern Slice of Life FxM Roleplays. Feel Free to Message me!

Vivienna Vogelspin

Nercsylliac Female A confident, proud arachne royal.


Anonymous Female

X Emmeline Lemaire

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Raphtalia - Your Sword

Xpoint_MetaPulse Female The adorable powerhouse is the last new chara of Unavenged.

Meph Norwish

Anonymous Male Even the lone wolf has a taste for love

Mireya Celtorn

Anonymous Female A young ranger setting out to make her way in a wider world than she knew before.

Feyre Nynaeve Zephyr

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Mallory Elain Godfrey

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Sibel Evelina de Angelo

Anonymous Cisgender Female The Seer

Danny Wysocki

Anonymous Male An aspiring actor who has managed to get a few bit-part in a couple tv shows.


Anonymous Cisgender Female The Elven Alchemist


Rythen Male


Rythen Male


Anonymous Male “Eldrich” femboy witch


Magnolia_64 Female Cursed. Trained. Collected. Lyra has to find herself a way back home, and a way out of being Hecate's Daughter.


Theboio Male Viola is a FemBoy