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Aristotle Katchadourian

Anonymous Male A lanky wannabe thug who's secretly a tiny pomeranian


Anonymous Male

Runessa di Avalloch

Silverymage Female Only play with fire if you do not fear the flame.

Kurai Zankoku

Anonymous Non-binary “I don’t want anything to do with you human!”

Dao Tian

starwolf Male “Meow?”

Elouisa Frasier

Anonymous Male A criminal, siren drag queen, who's bestie is a disney star, and his dog is probably a demon


Epitome Female

Akiko Fatewalker

Emilyrex Female A seeker of knowledge warped by brutal dark training

Jack Couturier

trashcanmurderer Cisgender Man prideful. elegant. hooker. murderer. gods punching bag.

Aesis Scion

xedite Other Alien renegade marred by a wartorn past and the influence of a future consciousness, now works as a bounty hunter, trying to scratch out his name into history and finally meet his match


Anonymous Female


Cactus_Jones Male Brute Siegemaster, Engineer, and Architect


Rayne_Storm Male A vampire that took the wrong path...


Anonymous Cisgender Female Exclusively for 18+ RP

Iathorpe Silverscale

HeraldOfFire Male Aspect of Bahamut


OofyOwyOOF Transfeminine "A lonely eel-like beast who lives in solitude, wary of invaders."

Rhaegar Redfall

Anonymous Male


Anonymous Male