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Mayonaise Female A sweet Arachne woman that owns a Bakery


Necrophagy Female


Anonymous Female

Garnaal's Hoard

GarnaalProductions Unknown My personal hub of other characters, lore and scraps!

Dullworld Tales

Anonymous Unknown

Red Foxe

RedPandaF0x Cisgender Female An Observing Character That Is A Little Odd


Tea Male


IllustriousSpectre Female Undead anarchist with a kind heart, trying to make things right in the night


Tea Female


Apprenticedmage Male Just a (mostly) normal guy, trying to make it through tomorrow

Rowan and Nina

Apprenticedmage Other A Gangrel doing his best to understand the night, and a hunter trying to keep him alive

Lillian Jean Conner

Anonymous Cisgender Female Tons of fun and lots of issues.


Anonymous Male Omega Werewolf who knows how to use it.

Florence Mabel Raleigh

Anonymous Female


XBITTERSWEET Other We are those who have been and will be

Tristan Bradford

Apprenticedmage Male Regent of Hollywood's Tremere chantry. What hides behind that contemplative gaze?


Apprenticedmage Female A "Loving" mother and her newest find, out to bring the night down on everyone's heads

Jalal El Fassi

Cactus_Jones Male The grizzled old commander of a famed Fortress

Captain John Davian Cross

Mipps Male A egotistical, flirty, smuggler starship captain with a long list of failures and fantastic sense of humor.

Naomi Leroux

Ragirl243 Female A young succubus girl who was orphaned and traumatised and later taken and healed by her adoptive mother.

Styles Portfolio

Sanne Unknown Sanne's portfolio page for custom RPR styles