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Pochi2k Male

Jim Schmidt

Pochi2k Male "Line?"


Anonymous Male

Zane Flynt

Ripley Male How do I look? Just kiddin'! I know I look fantastic.

Ace Rould

Pochi2k Cisgender Man Ya feeling lucky?


Pochi2k Non-binary #1 Orphanage owner & marksman

Ethan Excalibur

Pochi2k Unknown A traveler of worlds who plays hero when necessary.


Lorinew Cisgender Female

Felicity von Lundgren

Comet_Blaster Cisgender Female "You need to be willing to face your monster under the bed. Or else how are you supposed to go on?”

Ghost Rider

Anonymous Male "The saddest of sinners know their guilt and hold it within. Now, you will only hold pain."


Anonymous Female Wishes come true - not free


Anonymous Female

Pernan Datris

Anonymous Cisgender Male

Angela Keller

RoseyProsey Female Gently, gently, the constellations align

sword and battle

Anonymous Other

Adalai Danal

PandaPajamaEater Male "People are self-righteous, ignorant things that aren't worth paying attention to. Think about yourself first."


Anonymous Cisgender Male


Anonymous Other


Anonymous Transgender Man

Alexander Serif

Anonymous Male Trapped in a strange reality he made the best of his new world.

Veria Dazzledaze

Anonymous Female "The weak serve the strong. The strong protect the weak. That is the law of this world."

Hibari Haru

Anonymous Female "An ordinary girl with an untold future"

Name Undecided

nightmqre Cisgender Male