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Kieran Alabaster Marshall

Anonymous Cisgender Male


Anonymous Female fire and stone.


Anonymous Non-binary

Madame Dun

Hooke Female Slavemistress and businesswoman.


Keke Female

Die Wulf

Anonymous Female

Julian Ezra Valentine

Anonymous Cisgender Male

Felicity Roisin Boudica

Anonymous Female

Kali Ozmin

ChristopherBarnesII Female Mess with me and my Angels will kill you, mess with my family and I will kill you.


Anonymous Male

False Savior

Queen_Knight Hermaphrodite An Outcast angel who wants the World and everything in it

Gwyn Lakes

Anonymous A normal young woman.


Primrose-Chan Female "HI! My name's Eden Grace! It's SOOOO nice to meet you!"

Gideon Bahar

Anonymous Male Heaven's light is a cold one, indeed

Parry Bisset

Anonymous Non-binary Close to the vest


-Tommar Intersex

Maria Kure

Anonymous Female An Assassin from the Kure Family

Ella Victoria Willsbury

Anonymous Cisgender Female


Anonymous Female A Most Rebellious Daughter.


Anonymous Male

Rowan Cathel McClair

Anonymous Cisgender Male


Anonymous Female

Character Notes

Anonymous Gender Fluid

Arne Järnblod

Rivine Cisgender Male

The Ruffians

GarnaalProductions Other A band of Kiandros mercenaries looking for gigs, cash and glory