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Vincent Philippe

Gaia Male Vinny-Vince


MissLumina Female

Selora Aenorean

Anonymous Female


Gray Gender Fluid


Anonymous Cisgender Female

Rolf Steiner

Shadow-Ranger Male Unteroffizier Rolf Steiner ~ Wehrmacht

Chan Geum

-WiiX- Male the anarchist emperor


Anonymous Cisgender Male

Elena Nightbloom

Anonymous Female

Breeze Lockedheart

Anonymous Gender Fluid A jovial and eccentric bard looking for new stories to tell, companionship, money, and lots of sex! Not at the same time though... Actually.. scratch that last part.


Anonymous Male

Allison Kaye

Anonymous Female A playful, unpredictable, high school cheerleader.


ChaoticCosmos Male A crow. A man. A king


ChaoticCosmos Female A vampire ex-princess left to wander the earth to search for a purpose in her immortal life


Anonymous Male Born of the Banshee.

Rebecca Savage

Anonymous Female Rock on gold dust woman.... Take your Silver Spoon Dig your Grave...

Darrell Sanders

Shadow-Ranger Male A high-flying rock n roller loving music and working for social justice.

Malcolm Green

Gramiv Cisgender Man A military officer who was demoted to a security guard because of his joking and careless nature develops the Stand, Break-Even, due to a chemical weapon

Kakurine Auckt

FeatheredFantasy Female A 4'0" woman born from curious circumstances. She is an embodiment of Empathy and Temperance.