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Anonymous Non-binary


Danaros Cisgender Female "Haha, what did you think you could tame me?!"


Heartco Cisgender Female A chaotic cat-eared video game character :D

Gelraen Rofocale

Anonymous Male ESO. The Necromancer

Remmi Delauna

LeDuc Transgender Woman Badass cyberpunk babe from a far age.

Draven Ward

FalcoINC Male A wandering human elemental monk seeking adventure and purpose.


SilverFox Female

Nicole Martin

Anonymous Cisgender Woman CIA Field Agent

Hector DeJean

Anonymous Male Location: Unknown

Riku Toiiku

Riik Non-binary An adventurous lalafell looking out for those in trouble


Anonymous Male A Soldier of Fortune

Harry Potter

Anonymous Male The boy who lived

Cadwyn Jones

Caelianna Female Unavailable

Steve Marlowe

Anonymous Male Private Detective

Arthur Brooks

Sillichu Cisgender Man 🌻 ✧. ┊ A humble country boy guided by his endless compassion and his unwavering moral compass.

Toa Velek

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Dr Natalie Manning

randomentity777 Female A character from "Chicago Med"


Quillen Male "Life never plays out the way we want it to. In the end, we play the hand we're dealt. There is no alternative."


Bluebeldy "Ah.. What a joyful place!"


Bluebeldy Bigender "The world can be a scary place.. At least I have you."

Sadiyaa de la Calle

Danaros Female A child of born of sin and blasphemy, eager to bring pain and hurt to the world.

Qysilth, Guardian of Life

Xenomez Female Guardian Dragon of Life, protector of mortals.

Aracelí Zetsubou

Danaros Transgender Woman "Tequila and some ass kickin' sound like a good night out to me!"


Anonymous Cisgender Female