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Hi therrree!

Some of y'all may know me, we may have rped. I sort of disappeared due to personal issues lol, but I'm back + running!

My name is Z and I love rping (duh.)! I love Total Drama Island, I love Slenderverse, all that jazz! Anyways! Yeah! Just wanted to introduce myself lol. That's alll!
Hiya! Nice to meet ya and welcome back to RPR! and I’ve been meaning to watch Total Drama! It looks really good! :D
Hey welcome back glad you back in the community!
Hello! Welcome back!
Welcome back! I love Total drama island as well! mayhaps we'll see each other in the forums
Welcome back to RPR!
Hello there! Welcome back to the RPR family! :D
Hello Z! Welcome to the RPR!
Hello! Welcome to RPR! I hope you enjoy your stay. ^^
Well, welcome back!
Welcome back to RPR! Hope to see you find your bearings as you settle back in!
Hello, welcome back to RPR
<3 Welcome back to RPR! <3
I hope you'll enjoy it here and have a lot of fun!

Oh man. Total Drama Island is a cute show. I never watched all of it but from what I saw, it had an eclectic character manifest. Anyhoo! Welcome back to RPR, Z! I hope you find it how you left it and are able to reconnect with old friends while making new ones.

If you need any refreshers feel free to ask any one of us and we'll give you all the help we can! Have a good one out there!
I never had either the pleasure to meet or write with you. I hope we can change that soon. Anyhow, welcome back.

Welcome to RPR! 💜

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