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hello everyone! you can call me fish, i go by he/they, and i'm new here! i have wayyy too many oc's, none of them are trauma-free ^w^ i'm very normal about my interests and fandoms, and if you know them too, it's probably very easy to spot them in my characters. usually i do rp with my partner n best friend whom i love very much but y'know, they can't be free 24/7 and all that. my favorite types of stories are ones that would make my conservative catholic relatives disown me at first glance, including but not limited to good omens, sandman, midnight mass, faith the unholy trinity, the magnus archives, and junji ito's horror mangas. i also have a fair share of guilty pleasure media which is usually percieved as cringe or basic but i love em to death anyway, such as the mcu, scp foundation, object shows, minecraft youtubers, undertale, and steven universe. hope to meet lotsa new peeps round here and **** up our characters together >.<
Hello, welcome to RPR
fshndps Topic Starter

hello, thanks for the welcome!!!
<3 Welcome to RPR! <3
I hope you'll enjoy it here and have a lot of fun!
I also love the MCU! and some minecraft youtubers(more specifically Hermitcraft and Empires) and Steven Universe!!
fshndps Topic Starter

OMG YESSS HERMITCRAFT!! it was one of my first exposures to mcyt as a whole :3
fshndps wrote:
OMG YESSS HERMITCRAFT!! it was one of my first exposures to mcyt as a whole :3

That's awesome! i used to watch Grian when he did the Evo server, and then got into Hermitcraft when he joined! been so long aaaa
Hello there! Welcome to the RPR family! :D
hiya! nice to meet ya and welcome to RPR! I also have a lot of trauma-filled ocs lmaoo
Hello Fishy! Welcome to RP repository! :)
Welcome to RPR!

fshndps Topic Starter

thanks everyone!!
Welcome to RPR

Welcome to RPR! 💜
heh, we don't do cringe here, we just love our characters and fandoms with our whole heart and have fun =)
I hope you find some amazing writing partners and start some awesome rps!
hello and welcome to the community of RPR!

Hello and welcome to RPR! I'm also a fandom lovin' fool and sometimes I'm able to dish out the torment for my characters as well, but it's not too terribly often, alas! I just take the blows as they come because it's gotta apply to the story I'm writing out.

It looks like you've got your loves and wants all figured out -- might I recommend you create some of your lovely characters and put them to work in some of the Forum Games. There's a lot of activity there and it's a fun sort of way to one-shot until you meet the right writing chum to begin the world building process. I also suggest you post a premise in the advertising forum so you can get what you're looking for specifically out there!

Most importantly though, I hope you have fun here. It's a great place for all sorts, honestly! Take care! :D
Welcome to RPR, fshndps! I love Junji Ito too!
Well, Hi hello there.
Welcome to RPR.!
I hope you find many writers of your taste to unfold some beautiful stories with.
I happen to love some fandoms as well, most of them related to Marvel, and a few others that are 'Supernatural', Buffy The Vampire Slayer... far example.
But, I do have my share of OC's as well.
If you ever interested, hit my inbox.
Hi welcome to RPR! I have some fandom rp's open now if you wanna take a look. I'll be here if u wanna rp or just need someone to talk to
Welcome to RPR ! I am sure you will find lots of people who enjoy Canon settings here !

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