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Darth_Angelus Moderator

I saw this going around Facebook and decided it would be fun to share it here.
Look to your left. The first thing you see is what you would hoard as a dragon.

I got lightsabers. What do you have?

I guess I didn't like sleeping on pointed gemstones and hard gold.

A mostly empty 2L of soda.

oh god

Tate, dragon of trash and waste
Kim Site Admin

Gold jewelry

Hey, I'm pretty good at this dragon thingy!
My laptop. All your laptops are belong to this high tech dragon! Rawr! At least you still got your phones so you can get on rpr. Heh.
My Amiibos.


ROAR! Back off my Ike!
Terrible paintings.

Well, greaaaaaaaaaaat...

A wall.

I'm gonna rip off house walls and hoard them... GREAT!
.....a headboard? Oh gawd....I can see it now. The illustrious dragon Sugaar breaking into young lovers houses and stealing their headboards T-T
Uh, rare car parts and clean laundry.

WELL I ALREADY HORDE THOSE. Our dragon ancestors would be proud. *Slithers about the repository increasing the size and magnitude of his sock horde.*
A pillow? A blanket? Bed sheets? Pencils? Pencil cases? Cereal bowl? What am I shupposed to hoard??? SPOOOOOOOOOONOS
When I first saw that on FB, I was laying in bed on my left side.

Now... there's a pile of coats to my left, so I guess I've got a hoard started? XD
Cable TV.

I now work for Comcast. Give me your money.
A snack vending machine :v
Leather bags, Jelly Babies, cat toys and coffee...? Seems legit.
An uncountable amount of Plushies.

Loooooooonnnnnggggggg Siiiiiiiiggggghhhhh
Couches, it would seem. With a lot of pillows on them!
My Animal Anatomy textbook.
Seems even as a dragon I wouldn't be able to escape my responsibilities.

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