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I'm taking Belladonna Hemlock because everyone needs a plague doctor on their team!!!

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Fred please
Amber, I like the name.
Arawn... Heron man... I like him

I’ll take Alexander Woods because they are a mystery and could be anyone.
Darrall (Sorry if I spell his name wrong) please.
I like Cora wayyyy too much, so... I'll steal her.
rolled 2d6 and got a natural 5.
3 2

Note: I like Epic week.

I stumbled across Zane Dalton earlier, and I gotta say, dimension hoppers are a favorite of mine! He'd fit right into my cast.
Peony is now mine!

Throws a fishing net over Kiran! Mwahahaha!
Just gonna yoink Connor
Kulsto yoink!
they all look the same, so I'm taking emma
Sorry, but I'm keeping Namah. A shark with a gun? Heck, yeah!
Ibis is now Myriad’s emotional support animal, thanks!
Hello, Mister Cornelius! You're coming with me!
*picks up Rosa*
Gonna add Rene to my private wendigo collection...
Claine Moderator

Noah is 100% my jam, I'm taking him for sure.

I love him! His aesthetic, his sense of style, his whole damn bio. He's mine now >:3c Thanks!

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