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West - … because of his t-shirt.

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Koko. She looks quite beautiful

Nicki Martin - She’s quite flexible as well as versatile, and there are a lot more than five eyes watching her work…

I would probably steal Videgavia from ya
Rot wrote:
I would probably steal Videgavia from ya

I would take Hale from you! That character is amazing!
Taking Inka! I'm weak to cat people!
I'm taking Connor. He seems like fun, especially with that headline!
I'll take Sentinel with me, I'm a sucker for paladins!
Ah, there's a really difficult choice to be made here! If I really had to narrow it down to just one, I think I'd have to snatch Ariock.
I <3 Skipjack! She looks like so much fun to play. Plus... easy to sneak her into a sack to steal her. ;)
all of them

Fred Linch. His name has a punch to it, but I especially admire the well thought-out quirks, everything from his love of pecan pie to his hatred of lima beans. The charming personality nuances paint a colorful picture of who I would be dealing with. I also admire the timeline, I can tell a lot of care and thought was put into this guy.
Betty cause that song is stuck in my head now
seykal they look badass
I like Luna; I’ve always admired how you can put together stronger characters. : 3
Norwynn, they look cool and someone were you can write a cool story with. ALso thank you

Anne Peron looks interesting :)
I'll steal her from ya XD
I'll take Elah. I love characters who cause mischief

He would get along with some of my people very well.
Jessica Everdream,

I like Sci-fi characters plus, I like her character design
Tyber seems pretty wicked if I do say so myself. All your ocs are wickedly cool.

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