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*grabs Veliai Rilynath, somehow, because I am small and can barely lift anything*

*runs off* Weeeee, new friend!

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dashes w/ cold as ice no context
*Slides in and takes Bennett with no questions asked*
While straight Christian women are waaaaaaay off from what I play, I do think that in terms of character themes Robin would be the best pick? I'd have to switch her religion to my universe's equivalent (which, rest assured, changes very little aside from names & pronouns of religious figures lmao), but I think she'd somewhat manage to fit in otherwise.
It's Garn! Get her!

Ok but you know for sure I'll steal her main cast, but let's not be basic. For now, let's peruse the Secret Menu(tm).

I'd go with Medina. Toxic Moms who had it rough and aren't afraid to dish it out to others? This way, please.
How dare... I was going to steal Medina! Guess I'll just have to take Zubairad from you for my current dragon addiction as retribution- ๐Ÿ˜ค
RETIRED CHARACTERS (played anonymously)

Winston White for me. :)

(As I play Klaude and Co. anonymously because I'm very shy, I would like to point out that my characters are actually on Klaude's profile. :) To be fair, I should rename "Klaude McMannington" to "The Foundlings" or "Klaude and Co."... Maybe I should do that soon.)

(UPDATE: I renamed Klaude McManning to The Foundlings. :))
*takes klaude no takebacks because it is how it is and runs with klaude*
Let's go! Double steal!

Xeno, what's that behind you? Casually points to a wall then yoinks Lance.

Hey, VoliminalVerse. It says gullible on the ceiling. Points up at the ceiling and proceeds to steal Adam Lansen.
The Russian Mafia Princess! A spoiled brat is always a good character to tease!

Among your cast, John Watson has stood out the most to me! And not just because he's been so sweet to Zaharah, his interactions with others have been so very adorable as well!! I'm making grabby hands for him!
A'sraha. ^_^
*Makes off with Samson.* Mine now~
Marcus Rivers speaks to me ๐Ÿ™
Well, Iโ€™m gonna take Nancy, thanks lmao

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