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Claine Moderator

In a sentence or two, pick one of your characters and summarise them in the least flattering fashion possible!

For example:

Nero: Socially inept man with pockets full of family money is consistently reaffirmed by the world that he can solve his problems with good looks and banknotes.
Ice: An ice cold hearted girl who doesn't trust the world so decided not to speak ever. She grew up to fast and loves no one.
Joseph: a living creature.

Now for a better one: *trips while saying time to travel*
Creatia (played by Lucretire)

A stubborn alien woman playing up the fact that she looks like a kid to get her way while having a massive yandere fixation on her leader and her lover. Somehow, she got them both because she is a yandere.
Mitch: Young child who is not actually a child but really an old man eats absolutely every and anything because of angst (so much angst I sometimes forget he's not a moody teenage drama queen... oh wait) caused by dead wife who was also a child but not actually a child..? Who then went on to commit several crimes with a bird.
Mikey: A angsty little emo gay vampire that throws temper tantrums because you looked at him funny.
Chase Rowe (played by lunan)

Your average southern white boy that thinks he's got a right to be a jerk because he's a "good person." Sells drugs and goes home drunk often. It's not his fault, though. The system is geared against people like him!
Esme Leblanc (played anonymously)

Sassy vampire with bad eyesight and a moral compass only pointing at money.
Ives (played by Yersinia)

Your houseplant grew human legs and also a human torso and head and sentience and ran away.

Hara: World'a biggest cry babby continues to jeopardise his own life and make enough bad decisions for twenty people. Still sad and surprised about how it turns out for him.
Elazan (played by Loren)

Gargamel has had enough of the Smurfs' crap, and decided to hit the gym and become a marginally more responsible wizard while punching people IN THE FACE.
Kai: total inside joke meme

Sada'iigem: inside joke meme and total abomination

Amaya: the definition of a bdsm dominatrix in some rp's
Violet Sake (played by Raewaffle)

An emotionless neko who kills things for a living and does not know who she truly iiiiiis

Odium (Anon)- A genderless nondescript entity that time travels and body-hops with surprising inquisitiveness. (I think that's a word.)
Wlodzimierz Sorokin (played by Syain)

Russian man deeply traumatized by past events involving cannibalism. Copes with said trauma by making people punch him in the face to feel alive.
What happens when a rich man sleeps with a sheep.
Aearion (played by Pirate)

Lost member of the Blue Man Group travels through time and space with his magical guitar on his eternal quest to parody popular pop music.
Lurathoth (played by Crus0e)

Did you ever make pasta sauce, and when dinner was over you stuck the leftovers in a tupperware, and then that tupperware managed to migrate to the back of the fridge behind everything else so you forgot it was there entirely until it was years later and when you finally found and opened it the sauce had become a mass of pure black evil that cursed the whole kitchen with its presence? That.
Nazli (played by Banshee)

Nazli; will steal your money, then pay people to tear the wanted-posters down.
Daxx (played anonymously)

local dad is actually love puppy and loves yune!!!!!

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