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Kuroba Mikazuki (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)

Dark Matter is

Overall mysterious, he's definitely something I'd look forward to seeing replies from! (I love mysterious characters...)

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!
Every time I see your characters around, I always develop a strange fascination with them. Maybe it's because Final Fantasy, or maybe it's because I can feel their emotions leap off the pages of their profile whenever I read them.

Kuroba is no different, as I can feel his angst and confusion from here, so I have to commend you! I also appreciate the take on Sephiroth's Remnants as well!
Merrin is so well described and your character could actually be a biography. I am impressed by your creativity with all your characters.
Miyuki (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)

Overall, well done!

If I may add...Perhaps the (appearance) description is too short, but that's only in my eyes...

Other than that, she's a neat character!
Miyuki. Great graphics awesome description. Incredible character. All your characters display your talents well.
Probably one of my favorites of yours. I just love characters who seek out justice. Going by the law or not. The character really intrigues me
Very well written character and description. Fabulous production well done. Let's roleplay sometime.
Crowley (played anonymously)

i've always liked women with strong roles! manicured nails but will still beat you in combat, heck yeah.
Lucienne the Unkilla (played by VanHelsing)

Crowley is an astounding character. I've always had a soft spot for monster hunters who are monsters themselves and I think you nailed that to a T with your choice of gifs in his form making it seem like he's holding onto his sanity by a thread. He gives me a serious Bloodborne feel and I'd be surprised if there wasn't any inspiration from it, you did an astounding job my friend keep up the good work!
My favorite character of yours. You are so outstanding creative. Well done
Now, who doesn't like rogue justice? Susan's a wonderful character, and badass!

...P.S, Umbra will now realizethat he's probably going to be called some form of attractive. Heh, heh, heh.
Lucienne the Unkilla (played by VanHelsing)

Not sure if I'm allowed to reply multiple times on here but just reading the character in question I felt like I had to. Firstly his backstory isn't half bad and I highly appreciate well-detailed ones as it shows you care about your character, next the list of his powers and abilities all the way down to his minor resistances is a level of understanding of your own character that I find seriously surprising, that and his relationship with his sister is always nice to see. I think you did a wonderful job making this character my friend, keep up the good work!
Along with petuilla luncinne the unkillable are my favorite characters of yours. Tremendous creativity.
Tidus O'Neil (played by Lanx12)

A chick that can handle an AK-47...that is pretty cool. Not to mention a former model. Very nice.
Lucienne the Unkilla (played by VanHelsing)

Boy oh boy oh boy is this character a breath of fresh air! I've seen a bunch of characters in my time to the point where they kinda all start to feel the same, but the concept of a character's background that of a mechanic is just both simple and refreshingly underused. Cid seems like a pretty neat character, the face claim you used just gives me a great image of his personality that matches with what you wrote, and I think that he has the bonus of fitting into most RPs. Excellent job my friend! Keep up the good work!
An immortal character is always tricky to play but it feels like you gave her the right kind of personality to pull it off. I like that you gave her a voice credit. That's something I haven't seen before. Making her afraid of spiders is an excellent touch and made me laugh.
Alexander Saber (played by Lanx12)

Evangaline is a woman that I think I would enjoy sharing a pint with. Enjoying a good laugh while sharing a good story. I really enjoy everything about her. -raises his glass- Cheers ! May we have good times together if you're ever in my neck of the woods My lady.
Basically a male Saber? Hell yeah, I love it!...Probably because I love the actual Saber, but, hey, it's pretty freakin' sweet, hey.

Nice job!
My new favorite character of yours. Fabulous production well done. Excellent character.
A woman looking for her husbands killer.I like that...I hope you get justice one day Susan!

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