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You have a interesting style.
Theresa Knox (played anonymously)

"I think I may have dreamed something that had you in it. I remember the black coat with light neon blue serpentine patterns and three separated coattails with slightly tattered edges.... the whole thing was surreal, but I thought you were cute!"
Lizzy Corbin (played by Kotomi657)

"You have a very nice smile!"
Spawn (played by FictionDragonborn)

You remind me of my late wife, Wanda. And That's not a bad thing. You're a peaceful Soul.
Angel (played anonymously)

The young man looks up at Spawn.. and smiles "Your kind.. and a tad cooler than you know you are" he chuckled..
Diran Jiru (played by DiranJiru)

"Speak for yourself, Angel." The vampire spoke up. "I've met a fair share of blindfolded folk, both the fun ones and more productive ones, but you pull those off rather well. Keep up the good work. Also... make sure the one behind you behaves, okay?"

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