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The title is self-explanatory. This thread is just a fun little game to encourage a bit of introspection and character analysis; literal and figurative. I can also see a few jokes stemming from this.

I digress.

The purpose of this thread is to sort your characters into one or two of the 18 pokemon typings. The logic that one should use when typing their characters is entirely up to them. Whether or not you type them by their personality, demographic situation, superpowers or other factors is entirely up to you.

I'd also encourage for folks to add a bit of description as to why they chose the typing that they did. That's entirely optional, but I think it would add to the fun and help others to learn a bit more about your characters. Here's an example of my own characters being categorized and my thoughts behind the choice:

Zahra King


Rock/Poison: Zahra's is cold to the touch and her bodily functions are completely defunct. She does not require nourishment to survive and does not bleed when cut. Her rock typing comes from the fact that, despite her flesh is soft, she is more akin to a porcelain doll than a person, physically. More similar to a cold stone than flesh and blood. Zahra's mindset is toxic. Her abilities allow her to weaken, corrupt, and invade the minds of others, but they don't help her to cause any direct or immediate damage; not unlike poison and toxins. Due to those aspects of her character, she also carries the poison typing.

That's the gist of it, have fun!
Aekra (played anonymously)

Aekra: Dragon, obviously. She's a dragon so duh, and Fairy, because she's a bit of a dunce sometimes, and is rather naive and cuddly.
Hector Bossuet (played by Skipbab)


Think Koffing.
The Ford Siblings (played by KansasVenomoth)

Sakurai would be a Fire/Fighting, while Hirano would be an Ice/Fighting.
Heimdall Moderator

I'm gonna do this for EVERYONE.

Ferrow: Grass/Fairy
He's a fae with close connections to nature and flowers.

Heimdall: Dragon/Ice
It's a dragon! The second type was tougher to pick. It has both fire and ice breath weapons, but ultimately it comes from frigid climes, so I picked Ice.

Magnus: Fighting/Fire
Although Magnus isn't very fighty, he IS muscled, so I opted for Fighting. As for the Fire, he has a really sunny and intense optimistic personality, and Fire just seemed to fit.

Ivian: Fighting/Electric
Ivy is a soldier, and I describe his magical abilities as feeling tingly like lightning.

Bolverk: Normal
Bolverk is aggressively mundane.

Uthavauld: Ice/Flying
As a Đymnruld, Uthavauld has storm-calling abilities, and her speciality is in blizzards with fierce winds.

Marlemier: Grass/Fire
Marle has no magical abilities, but she's an herbalist, and she has a truly fearsome temper.

Zazeal: Dark/Fire
I always describe Zazzle using fiery terms, and he's just a Really Bad Guy! Also secret backstory reasons!

Brendel: Dark/Fairy
MORE secret backstory reasons! <_<

Inka'yur: Psychic/Ground
As a shaman, she sometimes has precognitions or bursts of empathy, but her magic can also be visceral and close to nature.

Hara is ghost/fairy, for his mischieovus and cunning nature along with his...mysterious links to deathly forces.

Quarion is Dark/ Electric for his brooding and ruthless nature and patronage to a lightning deity.

Vignoire is Ghost/Fire... because he's a vampire and solar/burning power.
Ooh! I love these kind of game. :D Let's see....

Duran would be steel/fairy. Steel primary because of his thematic 'live-by-the-sword' element, savage outlook, and unrelenting drive (when he puts his mind to it). Fairy because of wild nature and the manner in which he fights.

Enri is a dark/dragon with a wildly varied learnset. Very weak to fairies. No surprise to anyone that knows him, his favored moves are Round and Toxic and he'd prefer double- or triple-battle format to maximize his damage output and make up for his glaring weaknesses.

Raed is a ground/dark type routinely mistaken for having fighting typing, but has access to a few water type moves (like Aqua Tail or Surf). For story reasons. She's got that rowdy personality, but she's got that deviousness of a dark type that overrides her general punchiness so that's why fighting is not the actual typing.

Red is a normal type with a surprise type change on evolution - just some generic "meet me on route one" type of pokemon who rewards their trainer's loyalty at later levels. I don't yet know what type he'd change to, since that depends on how his character develops, but it'll be entertaining I'm sure.

Rick is a dark type. A harrassment and trickery type fighter - mischief and mayhem and hit-and-run tactics. Plus, fills a key role in his story while being underappreciated. And his intent is too often misunderstood and chalked up to "he's just a bad egg and he likes it."

Tom is a normal/fairy while Fortuna is a ghost/electric. Former because fickle, dangerous, too cute for his own good, and can almost pass as a regular person... from a distance. Latter because she's an AI who likes to possess other tech for her own purposes.

Oh, I love this thread! I'm really digging how this gets me to think about my characters and I haven't geeked out about Pokemon in a while.

Maxie would be an unheard of Ground/Fairy type.

I've always felt his element is earth - steadfast while simultaneously harboring a dangerous element of unpredictability, but not on the same destructive wavelength of fire if equally heated at times. The ground itself is the foundation of nature and he reflects what makes man an animal, where grass would be more about a connection to nurturing growth. There are a couple specific reason for the fairy typing, but without spoilers we'll go with 'cause they're "super-effective against Dragon, Fighting, and Dark". Which is quite fitting as he has a strong association with dragons (if in a friendly way) and is both a warrior and monster slayer.

Theo would probably be Ghost/Psychic, although "???" would be hilariously fitting too.

While summarizing him is a little difficult, Theo is an interdimensional traveler of worlds who lost his own realm: technically a 'space ghost' of sorts as a dead man reborn by magic into a sort of celestial trickster spirit, a bard now equally wizard and cosmic entity with reality warping powers.

Serenity is super easy to figure out as a Water/Psychic .

...he's a psychic sea vampire. No introspection needed here, haha! Well, that being said he probably would use plenty of dark type moves.
Aha, I want in on this!

Eliza would be probably Steel/Normal.
She's a human with some robotic replacements, so I'm not sure what to put here aha.

Rose would just be a Psychic herself.
I can't remember if it's in her profile (I haven't touched that thing in a while to be honest), but she's basically a superpowered human. Again, that's all there is to that aha.

Ray would probably be a Dark/Flying.
They're a magical shape-shifting bird god demon thingy that eats food all day and brings home strangers at night. A horrible pet if you ask me. But yeah, bird demon.

Mitch would be a
Dark/Normal I guess.
I mean, he eats everything, gets beat up and then eats some more. Plus he's pretty much a bad guy.

Dark Lord Toaster would be a Dark/Electric.
He is the Supreme Evil Overlord with the highest stats in the game.

And lastly, Sad Balloon is a Water/Flying.
Flying because they're a balloon. Water because tears keep streaming down their face.
Yass! What a fun game

I think this is a good representation of his dark/deceptive nature, and also his enormous physical strength. Never deal with a dragon.

I think this is a good combo for her - poison representing her somewhat bitter nature and look-don't-touch personality, while ghost represents stealth and subterfuge.

Wow, I did not want to pick fairy for this boy. He's not that flamboyant. But I think that grass makes for a good representation of beauty and happiness. However, he is quite a bit more nasty than people give him credit for - which is why he has Dark as a secondary type.

He's an annoying stinky boy. He bugs you. Geddit? Although he's in an occupation that requires a lot of physical strength, he's actually not all that strong - just annoying.

She's always been a brawler - but now that she's joined a monastery she's gained a religious drive for physical strength.

He's a bat! So of course, he has abilities such as night-vision and flight. To make the dark typing even more apt, he's also a con artist and thief.

Normal because he's a human drifting around space, mingling with all kinds of absurd species, and Steel because he's got lot of augmentations, and he's an engineer.

Whether he wants to be or not, Matt is just a normal teen. Despite what he may think, he not incredibly unique. Although he did recently pick up necromancy as a hobby.

Prettyboy magician. He's frivolous, careless, and self absorbed.

I'm actually going to give him the same typing as his sister Audrey - and for pretty much the same reasons.

In Shadowrun terms, Sparrow is a 'rigger' so she has a keen affinity with machines. And Fairy because she's cute! And her robots are cute!

Flying - obviously because he's a winged being, and psychic due to his thirst for knowledge and magical abilities.

This was a hard choice for me - but I think Ground represents his relationship with the earth as a farmer, and his grounded personality. While steel represents warfare, armour and weapons.

Fighting represents being a soldier and a brawler, while steel represents his stubborn personality, sword, (and in the AU, cars)
Gonna get in on this real quick.

Ardavan: Normal/Psychic

Ardavan is an Arkivist, meaning he uses an Arkive to create a whole range of effects and miracles. So Psychic suits him well, due to him basically being able to cast divine magic. And normal due to all the different strategies and tactics he can do with it.

D-H: Fighting/Steel///Fighting/Dragon

Fighting is the obvious choice, he's a warrior with super strength. Can't decide between steel or dragon however, since his sword that he fights with doesn't exactly consist solely of steel. It's made of an alloy consisting of dragon scales and other things, dragon could also be used to reflect his previous powers which he once had.

Drake: Fighting/Steel

He's a sort of medieval mercenary (with some liberties taken) with good intentions. Fighting is once again an obvious choice because of so, and steel because of his weaponry and armor.

Furorem: Rock/Ghost

A "failed" necromantic golem in the shape of a mighty and monstrous wolf. Once you get past the intimidating part of him, he's really just a monster with no purpose, besides wandering until he gets sleepy, and of course, reading books.
You can get surprisingly deep into the reasons for your characters typing. This was a fun one to do!

Aearion: Water/Fairy
This one makes sense seeing as how he's a fishboi and lived most of his life in the ocean. He's a whimsical musician, and whimsy is something I immediately relate to the fairy type.

Alfie Goodpepper: Dragon/Poison
This one was a lil' difficult to come up with, since Alfie is a small, innocent guy. But he does harbor a dragon's power within his blood, a green one at that, meaning he's quite good at using poison. He's a timid guy, but then again, so is Dratini, and they end up becoming badass Dragonites. Surely Alfie will become just as grand one day.

Bemmo Ten Stones: Rock/Ground
No contest here. He's a Deep Gnome, and he's a miner. The guy has lived his entire life working with stone in the Underdark and he's just as stubborn as a rock.

Bender of Iron Will: Steel/Water
Bender's an inventor and a pirate. Part of his body is made out of metal and likes building robots and guns, so steel is no contest. The water typing also fits considering he doesn't spend most of his time on solid land. Though it's pretty ironic he can't swim.

Bliksem: Electric/Dark
Bliksem's much into computers and is never without his electronics. Being a Shadowrunner he tends to stick to, well, the shadows, far out of sight from the common folks. So the dark type works with his shadowy behavior.

Hava'lera the Hushed: Fighting/ground
Hava'lera is born to fight. Being a ranger he gets plenty of chances to fight anyone and anything that might be a threat to national security. Being from the dessert and using the land to his advantage, the ground type fits Hava the best, though I might've also gone for the fire type. Was a close call.

Johannes Vallaine: Fighting/Water
Being a knight fighting for honour, the fighting type is a no brainer. Neither is the water typing considering he's a frog. Pretty easy, this one.

Myron of the Golden Spark: Fire
Myron likes things that goes boom. He's a powerhouse when it comes to explosions and agile movement. The fire typing seems to be the most fitting.

Valder Odanar Fighting/Rock
Valder's a fallen knight, meaning he's had the training to kick some tail and do it well. The rock typing comes from the fact he's a Dwarf, having lived his whole life in and around mountains and appreciating stonework, the rock type works well.


Throthgar the Pretty: Fairy
Throthgar-chan is kawaii. She is grace, she is dilligent and she is a princess straight from a fairy tale. She would never hurt a fly, unless that fly landed on Master-sama's godly being. Little known fact is that the fairy type is actually based off of Throthgar herself. Ken Sugimori himself is in love with Throthgar-chan and suggested the new typing to the rest of the company, who immediately agreed with the proposal.

True story!
This seems fun :p

19-17: Electric/Steel
Well... She's a robot. I don't think there's much more that needs to be said than that.

Baphomet: Psychic/Rock
He's a very down to earth, strong and friendly, so I think rock fits him.
He also has the ability to phase objects through things so.. Psychic.

Cain: Dark/Poison
Considering the fact that Cain is my strongest character and is a villain, with a dislike-able personality
giving him the most annoying type combination seems fitting.

Cerberus: Dark/Fire
Demon dog. Enough said.

Legion: Normal/Dragon
His design is based off of a Chinese dragon and he doesn't really have any "special powers".

Morgan le Fay: Psychic/Electric
She casts illusion spells and is generally just crazy all around.

Motti: Fairy/Dark
Spooky fairy boi who predicts natural disasters. (So Absol ;D)

Samael de Arches: Ghost/Dragon
He's a half demon, and he can see ghosts. His true form is also dragon-like

Tsuchi: Bug
A big spider boy.

Most of these didn't need that much explanation since it's kind of self-explanitory... :P
Going through them in order:

Cecelia: Poison/Dark
She lives in a bog and is a very bitter/acerbic person who dabbles in chemistry.

Alistair: Normal/Fighting
He's an old man with a limp, which doesn't seem very threatening, but he fought in the Napoleonic wars and is more than willing to thrash people with his cane if they cross him.

Jeptha: Dark/Ghost
As a mortician he's often surrounded by the dead, and as an odd fellow with an interest in the occult he is now often surrounded by their ghosts.

Flossie: Fairy
She seems delicate and harmless but has a sharp wit and even sharper heels.

Fen Yi: Water/Poison
Water is adaptable but also forceful, which is basically her business model. I say poison because she's a narcotics kingpin and because she's not above using stealthy or underhanded tactics to keep control of her market.

Gabriel: Fire/Ghost
As a character I associate him with the element fire, which is itself associated with warmth and energy but also destruction. I think it encompasses his personality. Although, then he gets murdered, so. Ghost. If he was a Pokemon I feel like he'd evolve into a fire/ghost type if you gave him a specific item (an axe).

Yanorae: Dragon/Steel
She is literally a dragon-person. She wears heavy armour and uses large two-handed weapons and is generally just a very robust opponent who's hard to wear down.
Libertine Moderator

Trinitera: Ice/Fighting
Tuntarians are an elven race that live in the tundra. They glorify physical prowess and fight in a style meant to tire their foes, using combat as a means to protect and defend, sparring to bond or release negative emotions. Trin would have moves like Close Combat and Counter, as well as chilly moves like Ice Fang (she has a literal ice fang on the end of her spear, the tooth of a tundra legend) and Aurora Veil (the move "reduces damage from physical and special moves for five turns". Tuntarians can depart from their physical forms with the aid of a familiar animal, entering the spirit plane to battle dark spirits.

Dralt: Dark/Ghost
As a vampire, I'd give Dralt dark moves like Bite and Torment, as well as ghost moves like Nightmare (he can inflict potent night terrors onto sleepers) and Spectral Thief (drinking the blood of an innately magic being can allow him to temporarily emulate the victim's power).

Azrinalte: Dragon/Flying
Although the coupling might sound redundant, Azrinalte's breed is a bird-like variation of dragon. They're agile and sleek with feathered wings and scales only covering their underbelly, defending them from the ground while they fly and making them particularly light. I would give her dragon moves like Dragon Dance (increases speed) and Dragon Rush, as well as flying moves along the lines of Fly and Peck.

Dhoruba: Dark/Fighting
Dhoruba is a mortal man by all accounts. With a dedicated fitness regime and exposure to several arts of combat, the bouncer is a heavy-hitting powerhouse that would use fighting moves like All-Out Pummeling and Revenge. However, he has a dog always at his side which he received from a homeless man as a puppy, trading it for a watch. Little does he know, there's a devil out to claim his soul, which disguised himself as the vagrant to give him a glamoured hellhound. It defends Dhor while waiting for the "proper demise" so it can drag his soul back to its master. The dog would use Bite and Nasty Plot.
Reasoning for my characters is gonna be all over the place

Jackie: Ice/Fighting: Ice because of her species homeplanet, Zor, being cold and because of her species' ability to self regulate body temperature, and by how Jackie weaponizes this ability. Fighting because she's a mercenary, is a particulkarly skilled hand to hand combatant that mixes her species' natural flexibility and speed with more traditional martial arts.

Feral: Psychic: Psychic because of her telekinetic abilities

Jenny: Electric/Steel: Electric because of her skill as an engineer. Steel because of her skill as a roboticist, also because she steals things. get it?

Ds: Dark/Fairy: Dark because the Dark type is generally associated with being underhanded, cunning, sneaky, and unfair, several of which are parts of Ds's character as a thief, and a kid who grew up on the streets. Fairy because Ds is a Gremlin, a mythical creature kinda like Fairies, also because fairies are typically portrayed as caring beings, at least in modern times, and Ds deeply cares for his friends even though he doesn't show it all the time.

Leo: Fairy/Psychic: Fairy because Leo's an Elf. Psychic because Leo has some skill in magic, which is typically associated with the Psychic type.

Bennett: Fire/Fighting: Ben's a Fire type because of his physical fire powers and his own temper. He's a fighting type because of his past in the military, and his urge to fight for what he believes is right.

Raechell: Steel/Electric: Steel because steel is a man-made metal that I don't think can occur naturally on earth, same as Raechell who was a genetic bio weapon prototype before her escape. Electric because of the high amounts of energy Raechell's body usually has.

Fawkes: Ghost/Dark: Ghost because Fawkes is undead. Dark because Fawkes is a Revanent, a form of undead known for being violent and vengeful.

Pezvhak: Grass/Poison: Gress because Pezvhak prefers to live a natural life in the forest, like most Manticores, rather than moving into civilization and living amongst humans. Poison because of Pezvhak's natural ability to produce a variety of poisons.

Leslie: Steel/Dark: Steel because of Leslie's ability to replicate machinery she's absorbed. Dark because of Leslie's mischievous personality.
Kaija/Uma Sayalami: This character sorta has multiple typings depending on her current state of affairs.

-In the absence of demonic energy, at human size, she's sorta Fighting/Dark. If she can't utilize her giant stature safely or efficiently, then she'll rely mostly on her baseline strength, tactical knowledge/neuroplasticity, and any onhand weapons to put her opponents down in a fight. She'd also utilize her shrinking abilities to sneak around, infiltrate areas, evade attacks that she otherwise couldn't and surprise opponents in fights by seemingly "disappearing" and launching surprise attacks. Hence her dark typing around these sizes.

-In the absence of demonic energy when she's free to go all out, she's more Fighting/Steel type. Sneaking is no longer an option when she's a giant, though she no longer needs to bother dodging most attacks at that stature. She maintains her fighting typing because she can and will still utilize her fighting prowess in battle, if needed, against other titans that she might oppose. Her steel typing comes from the raw durability that she gains when standing as a giant, with her skin's durability outclassing most metals that one could find on earth in nearly every way. And that's just her skin :b.

-In the presence of demonic energy, Uma would essentially "mega-evolve" into a Dragon-Fighting type. Her dragon typing is derived from her enhanced claws, fangs, horns, senses and all-around physicals. She also becomes far more feral and aggressive (AKA wild) matching a dragon typing in my mind. Her fighting typing comes from the fact that, even while she's far more aggro and vicious, she still maintains her skill in battle in her Oni form... albeit with less concern about who exactly it is that she happens to be tearing to shreds.

Najila: Fighting/Electric type. Najila basically gets one typing from both of her parents. Her electric typing comes from the speed and electrokinesis that she gained from her father. Her fighting typing came from the powers and training that she got from her mother. Plain and simple.

Gwen Temi: Psychic. Gwen's abilities not only allow her to move objects in the environment with her mind but allow her to grow connected with the world around her and sense things without needing to rely on her human senses; akin to a sixth sense. Psychic typing is really the only thing that fits her.
Caithe: While she doesn't have a full-made RPR yet, I figured I can still describe a bit about her! Her type would be Dragon/Poison. As a bronze dragon, her breath weapon is exhaled as a poisonous, foul-smelling cloud. The reasoning for a dragon type should be obvious enough!

Dalmaine: Dark/Psychic. Dark, because of her undead state/vampirism and psychic, because she's a psionic sort. She drains physical energy, which I feel would be more of a psychic attack than anything else.

Eyvor: Flying/Ice. Flying, because she is a harpy. Ice, because of her specific species being a snowy owl and the fact that she had been raised primarily in Iceland. If she had magical abilities, I think it would be focused around that.

Quinne: Dark. Both because of his vampirism and blood magic abilities, as I'm unsure if there's any I can use as a secondary type for said magic.
Monstrum - Dark/Fighting. I think that dual typing would suit him the best given his background and species.

Nilanth - Dark/Dragon. Evil reptile. What else needs to be said really?

Ullr - Fairy/Ice. My little cinnamon bun is the odd one out and gets to be my Alolan Ninetails. His whole character is themed around winter (even his name) and he's too cute not to give the fairy typing to. Plus he can unexpectedly kick ass sometimes!
Since I only have one character so far, Ceinios would probably have the Fairy/Dragon typing. It reflects his divine blood well and he's known to be a playful god despite not being incredibly sociable- blame his cryptic word choice and tendency to disguise himself as a normal person for this X3

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