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If the person above was a vanquished enemy, what loot would they drop?

You can play as yourself or as a character. :)
Gemed Fang is what I think a VampireDwarf would drop. Sounds valuable!

Void crystals x5, I needed that one for my legendary magus/caster set

...The rims of a tire.
Holly and some dragons scales. Black ones.
They would drop Gemstones , Like Asterism ( <like those , they have a star in the middle, or even a star itself.

Broken shades

[Legendary]Silver Tomahawk of Cool, Awesome Mordred +10(*****)
imbued with [Legendary] Enchanting stones.
Dealing 6,45123x 10E+9 capable of defeating final boss which has 50% damage reduction and other buffs. While being able to cast de-buffs towards PC which make his damage ridiculously low.


+STR 5200
+DEX 4300
+CON 3212.
+WIS 2978.
+INT 2534.
+AGI 1999.
+25% Critical rate.
+150% Critical damage

This weapon has chance to inflict:

Soul Steal.
Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Light, Darkness, Demonic. Holy and whatever element out there is.
Defence Negation.
Damage over Time.
Any debuff out there.

The chance to inflict all debuffs is 6%

Usable for classes:

Definitely not Wizard
Any classes that doesn't use ranged weapons
Super Newbie.

Price now that's difficult one, in most games op weapons in npc shops are for cheap, while they are sold for much more on trade or auction, and the currency is usually in gold,silver and bronze coins. however it would be astronomically huge so let's say 1 Titanium or 1 BS-ium coin.

Currency value may change, in that case please contact your nearby gm for more info.
Fake hipster glasses.
A blanky.

A Ragnorak currency card from Target
Magical Purple Jellybeans
Nani (played anonymously)

Glitter and some dungarees
1 Singed fox tail and ears, set. (+1 Dex, -1 Str)
VampireDwarf Topic Starter

Epic Facial Hair - grants +2 charisma

Shades (Uncommon)

Pompadour Badge
Vampire's fang: Grants +2 strength
The wing of a succubus, used in summoning at the alter of demons.
Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

+10,000 credits
+ 5,000 Fuel
+1000 scrap metal

> You're now at war with the Voldarian Empire!
Aspen (played by Hollyfrost)

Just some empty bottles...
{Jars , Lead }
[Like... pencil kind of lead]

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