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All W got from using her Originium grenade launcher on the poor duck was the satisfaction of doing so, and the duck’s now ruined and torn outfit, of which she has no need for. “Hahahaha!”

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Postal Dude- Goin' Postal (played by MangoNekros)

After a fun little duel with the psycho, the much cooler psycho emerged victorious. You can't beat good ol' Napalm and a shovel to the face. He took her launcher, and simply said. "If I sell this, I could get lots of crack". And that's what he did, only to be caught in a shootout in the pawn shop he tried to sell the thing in. In the end, he did in fact, get lots of crack.
> Special Week’s fun run ends in tragedy when she accidentally mows down the Postal Dude. She checks…
> She decides to take the shovel, clean it off, and help with a local garden…she doesn’t seem pleased with herself.
Patches (played by GingerHades)

The little ragdoll wasn't sure why the girl had stopped moving. Oh well...

Patches noticed that this girl had almost nothing of value on her. Except for her clothes. To most people, they'd be worthless and left with the body. For Patches, they'd make great scrap cloth!

The whole outfit was too big to fit in Patches' pouch, so they simply took most of the removable bits off of the girl's outfit- particularly the jacket and socks- and walked away with them. They'd come in handy in case Patches needed a repair!
Observant (played by Leighoflight)

It wasn’t much of a fight, more like a moment of panic where Amu repeatedly stomped on the strange animate doll thing.

Ears dropped as she stared in disappointment at herself for panicking to such an extreme level.

Walking around in circles she’d find lots of fluff, some impressively strong twine and some fabric scraps. “Maybe I can rebuild it….” Rather than looting the scraps.
Xailah Alptraum (played anonymously)

The specifics weren't important. Nor was Xailah's reason for taking this idiotic job. Let's just say the person who hired her had something that she needed, and leave it at that.

The moment the beast's frame aligned with crosshairs; Xailah pulled the trigger of the rifle she had steadied against her shoulder.

A tranquilizer would find it's mark in the thick hide of the she-beast's hindquarters. Xailah remained where she was, waiting for the creature to go down.

The being was lucky, perhaps, that it was Xailah who had found it first. Anyone else would have likely killed it outright. It was the easier route, but far less rewarding. And besides, there was little point in taking the life of such a creature.

Once at the side of the cat-like anomaly, Xailah knelt near its magnificent wings- where she thought she had seen the blink of some unusual green eyes. The hum of a lullaby carried on the wind, while the darkling did her work. It would keep the Sphinx asleep for a little longer, if the tranquilizer wore off.

When she had what she needed (along with a few trinkets for herself) Xailah stood, and wiped some gore from her gloves. She muttered something solemn under her breath; and like her lullaby, it too drifted into the breeze.

"My sincerest apologies." She was sorry that this had to happen, but it was far better than the possible alternative- her "employer" showing up and killing the thing for sport. At least this way, Xailah could sway them to believe that the creature had been dealt with. They wouldn't need much convincing. They weren't the sharpest scythes in the toolshed. "Perhaps our paths will cross again one day... under better circumstances preferably."

Before she left, Xailah would clean and tend to the wounds she had inflicted upon the fellow oddity, the best she could. A final apology perhaps, before she had to depart.

Though the creature would wake, she would find that she was one eye short.

Items Obtained:

x1 Iridescent Eye. Even when clouded by sleep, it gleams like a fiery emerald. What sights has it seen?

x2 Golden Feather. Large, and yet still unfit for a beast of this size to take flight; still, it is a pretty thing. Ticklish to the touch. Maybe it would make a divine feather duster?

x3 Copper Hair. Thick and sturdy like horsehair, but it shines in the sun like spun copper. It would make for wonderful embroidery thread.

x1 Foggy Dream. The reagent rolls in its bottle like sand on wind. Sometimes it pulsates with bubbles meant to mimic eyes. It smells of the dry desert air, entwined with spices. There is also an unusual, underlying scent resembling chemicals one might use in a lab. The memory in this dream is too jumbled to decipher right now. It needs time to settle.
Cyphrus (played by Anakisuto)

Cyphrus closed in, wielding a short switchblade and a metal spider-looking device. a cold voice rang out behind Xailah. A woman's voice. "You may have merely put your prey to sleep, but I will do much, much more to you." It jammed the device onto her head. It locked its legs around Xailah's skull and filled her cranium with enough electricity to incapacitate a grown man twice her size.

The items it found from the encounter and chose to keep are as follows:

Rifle, scoped
14 tranquilizer darts
Xailah's mental data.

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